December 15, 2017

Welcome to day Five of our 2017 Twelve Days of Zentangle Series.

Today's project celebrates our introduction of Black Zendala tiles.


"On the Fifth Day of Zentangle . . ."

On the fifth stroke of Zentangle
R and M circled back, 
to striking black Zendalas

The addition of the Zendala tile was huge hit. The many options of this beautiful surface whether blank or pre-strung, were an instant favorite among tanglers. 

It did not take to long for the requests to come pouring in, "What about black Zendalas?" So in May of 2013, we released the black Zendala in both blank and pre-strung. This tile is cut using the same die as our original Zendala and is made from the same paper as our 3.5 inch black tiles. 

And today in honor of our fifth day in our 12 days series, we offer you a lesson that combines black and white Zendala tiles.


Project Pack #02 - Day Five Prep
Project Pack #02 - Day Five Prep

Project Pack #02 - Day Five
Project Pack #02 - Day Five

Zentangle Art Supports "Serious Request" in Europe

Marieke Sanchez is a CZT and works for Royal Talens/Bruynzeel-Sakura in Apeldoorn in The Netherlands.

She is also an awesome tangler.  Here is one of four holiday cards Marieke tangled: 

The set includes two cards of each for a total of eight cards plus envelopes. Each card is about 6 inches (155 mm) square. It is folded and blank inside.

This year the Serious Request is coming to Apeldoorn and will be broadcasting from the 18-24th of December to raise as much money as possible for the International Red Cross. Royal Talens/Bruynzeel-Sakura is a supporter of this effort.

Marieke is selling these cards for 9,95€ at this page and 100% of sales will go to Serious Request. We are happy to share this opportunity with the Zentangle community! 

Project Pack #02

As we noted earlier, you do not need this pack of supplies to enjoy the Project Pack
#02 videos. However, this Project Pack includes everything (except a few household items like scissors and tape) you will need to play along with us for these twelve days of tangling fun.   
Project Pack #02: $32.95


Project Pack #01

If you missed the fun in Project Pack #01, find it here along with a link to nine YouTube instructional videos for Project Pack #02. 

If you want to see what tanglers around the world created, you can see that for free on Zentangle Mosaic (app for iPhone, iPad and Android smartphone).

Project Pack #01: $19.95


Thank You . . .

. . . for tangling along with us and with tanglers around the world.

Be sure to check out what people are doing and posting on the Zentangle Mosaic app. Thanks to all who have already posted some awesome tiles from these first four days!

Remember to stop by our website's new blog and leave a comment.  We will do our traditional give-aways to one person a day who comments on the blog. Thank you so much for all the awesome comments so far! We will do our random picks on January 3.

Also, check out this fun exercise from Project Pack #01 using a pre-strung black Zendala.

Have fun!

With all our best wishes,

The crew at Zentangle HQ

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