December 17, 2017

Welcome to day Seven of our 2017 Twelve Days of Zentangle Series.

Today's project celebrates our introduction of round tan tiles. We call them Renaissance Zendala tiles.


"On the Seventh Day of Zentangle . . ."

On the seventh stroke of Zentangle
R and M pre-strung, 
tan Zendalas swirling

Zentangle Renaissance unleashed a new phase of tangling as it inspired an outside-the-box approach to the use of color. Working with rich rusty tones, exploring depths of shadow and the power of light brought new possibility and dimensionality to every tangle. So it was only natural that we created Zendalas on this new surface.

In May of 2014, we introduced the Renaissance Zendala in both blank and pre-strung versions.

Today we have a playful challenge for you using the pre-strung Renaissance Zendala tile. You all got a different one . . . so let's see how this plays out.

Have fun!

Project Pact #02 - Day Seven
Project Pact #02 - Day Seven

Project Pack #02

As we noted earlier, you do not need this pack of supplies to enjoy the Project Pack
#02 videos. However, this Project Pack includes everything (except a few household items like scissors and tape) you will need to play along with us for these twelve days of tangling fun.   
Project Pack #02: $32.95


Project Pack #01

If you missed the fun in Project Pack #01, find it here along with a link to nine YouTube instructional videos for Project Pack #02. 

If you want to see what tanglers around the world created, you can see that for free on Zentangle Mosaic (app for iPhone, iPad and Android smartphone).

Project Pack #01: $19.95


Thank You . . .

. . . for tangling along with us and with tanglers around the world.

Be sure to check out what people are doing and posting on the Zentangle Mosaic app. Thanks to all who have already posted some awesome tiles from these first six days!

Remember to stop by our website's new blog and leave a comment.  We will do our traditional give-aways to one person a day who comments on the blog. Thank you so much for all the awesome comments so far!

Don't worry about completing these projects on a schedule. We will leave these videos up for quite a while.

We will wait until January 3 to do our random picks from the blog post comments.

Have fun!

With all our best wishes,

The crew at Zentangle HQ

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