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December 19, 2016

We just finished our Twelve Days of 3Zs series!

From the thoughtful comments on the blog post, to the stunning and inspiring tiles posted on the Zentangle Mosaic app . . . we are as close to a loss for words as we've ever been.

Thank you all!

We are in awe to watch this real-time renaissance of Zentangle Art. We love how this creativity seems to build on itself, inspiring others (and us) to explore new possibilities - and then share it back with everyone.

More info, images and links about the series . . . and a few end-of-year snippets below.


Twelve Days of 3Zs

Twelve days and 78 tiles later . . .

. . . this is our final mosaic that we arranged on our dining room table. Each horizontal row represents one of the twelve days. We like how the result reminds us of a tree.

You can see all the images of tiles and the antics of Alfie and Bijou in the various images throughout the blog series.

In this last stanza of the song you can find all the blog post links for each day:

On the last day of 3Zs,  Bijou showed to me,
Wandering icanthis,
Not so boring  drawings,
Tangled auraknot-ings,
Perky pokeleafs peeking,
Dark and naughty knightsbridge,
Swirling molygon-ings,
Gold, glowing tipples,
Some marasu encircling,
Winsome bits of shattuck,
Fetching diva dancing,
And a tile full of tripoli!

We gave out gifts for each day's blog post and app #hashtag postings. You can see the list of winners at this blog post.

Even though the gifts are all given out, we still love reading the comments you write. We read every one!

Oh, yes . . . speaking of unique contributions, the Zentangle crew was exploring the Providence Biltmore, where we will hold next year's CZT seminars. While there, we recorded the Twelve Days song. So here it is . . . unedited and uncut. (Don't worry, we won't give up our day jobs! :-)

3Z Tiles

Each winner from the Twelve Days series will receive a 55-tile tri-color set of 3Z tiles . . . 
. . . and a Pre-Strung set of 3Z tiles. 
If you would like to get some as a gift for yourself and for others, here are the store links:

Multi-Color Pack of 55 blank 3Z Tiles

3Z Pre-Strung Set


While they last . . . !

In this newsletter, we announced many new products. We are almost out of our new Zentangle Scarf, so . . . if you would like one for yourself or for some one else, we want to let you know that we don't know when we may have more made.

This beautiful scarf is made from  Modal®, known as the new "wonder" fabric. It is a processed, bio-based textile made from the reconstituted cellulose of beech trees. This fabric combines the benefits of natural fiber and the fantastically soft feel of modern microforms. It is soft and smooth, with a texture similar to that of cotton or silk. 

This scarf measures 20 x 70 inches (50 x 178 cm). 

This Zentangle scarf not only feels amazing but it is covered with a beautiful digital print of Zentangle tiles. The surface of the scarf appears to be scattered with actual size tiles done by Rick, Maria and a few more from the Z-crew. All original and unique tiles cover the surface. Spend some time exploring, there is so much to see. Wear this awesome piece or hang it up as a work of art. This was a major hit at zenAgain!

Zentangle Scarf


Sakura Scholarship offer for CZT 2017 - REMINDER

We are excited to announce a special opportunity for K-12 educators in the United States. 

In 2017, TWO lucky educators will receive a scholarship to attend a Certified Zentangle Teacher (CZT) training seminar and become a CZT. 

We have seen how educators throughout the United States have integrated the Zentangle Method into their classrooms to encourage and foster focus, self-confidence, hand-eye coordination, creativity, problem solving, and so much more. 
Sakura of America makes the Pigma® Micron™ pen found in the official Zentangle kit and also markets our Zentangle Apprentice Class Pack and Zentangle Tool Sets.

Zentangle and Sakura are partnering to offer these scholarships to attend a Certified Zentangle Teacher Training Seminar in Providence, RI during 2017 (dates below). This scholarship covers tuition, a shared room for 3 nights, supplies, and meals. (Scholarships do not cover travel expenses.) 
To Apply
Visit to read the full details and apply. 

Application deadline is Friday, January 12, 2017. 
Our hope is that this scholarship gives enthusiastic teachers the tools to use the Zentangle Method in their classrooms to its fullest potential. We want to see where the Zentangle Method takes you and your students and watch as young artists discover that "Anything is possible, one stroke at a time.™"
Please forward this to any educator you think may be interested in becoming a CZT.


Our 2017  CZT training Seminar  dates are:

April 9 - 12
April 23 - 26
June 18 - 21
June 25 - 28

We are already about two-thirds full for our next year's seminars. If you wish to attend, we encourage you to register while there are still seats available.

You can read seminar details here You can register  here .

We are so grateful for this creative and supportive Zentangle community of tanglers from all over this world. Thank you for being part of this exquisite mosaic. It would not be what it is without your individual unique contribution. 

Remember, the reason that a mosaic of tiles is so beautiful is because each tile is unique! So bask in and nurture the unique gift that each of you brings to this marvelous creation!

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and a most Happy New Year to you and yours!

With all our Best Good Wishes
for a wonderful life

Rick, Maria, Bijou and everyone at Zentangle

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