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September 16, 2016

We hope that you have enjoyed a wonderful summer (or winter!).

We can't believe it's September already! It feels like August was but a brief moment of time, but when we remember all that happened, we realized how big a month it was. 

Over the next couple of newsletters, we will play catch-up and bring you up-to-speed with some of what's been happening here at Zentangle HQ.

In this newsletter we will share:
  • Two new Story Booth interviews
  • Cool new Zentangle tools and treats 
  • Zentangle stories from around our world
  • Our CZT training schedule for 2017

New Zentangle Story Booth Interviews

As we gradually edit through our backlog of interviews, we are thrilled to share two new ones with you.

In this first Story Booth, Judy Gucker, CZT, makes some important points about how practicing the Zentangle Method takes one from "mind-full" to "mindful" and that you don't need to know all the tangles to appreciate the value of the "elemental stroke."

In this second interview Diana Linsse, CZT, from Germany, underscores not only the Zentangle artform's international appeal but also the relationships that develop with our CZT community.


New Zentangle Tools and Treats

Renaissance Bijou 
You all knew it was coming. Our little friend Bijou is now offering his special 2" square tiles in Renaissance.
Let Bijou take you on a trip back in time with this tin full of Renaissance Bijou tiles. Each tin is filled with approximately 55 Renaissance Bijou tiles. These 2" square tiles use the same tan 100% cotton paper as the original square Zentangle Renaissance tiles. The tin also includes three Bijouisms (we never know which ones Bijou includes) and a playful, heart-warming introduction to Bijou.  
Bijou uses the black micron, brown micron and white charcoal pencil on his Renaissance tiles, but he knows that the sky's the limit on possibilities of what can be created.

Tinful of Renaissance Bijous

Go-Tangle Tile Wallet 
This product has gone through many versions over the years. This latest version is our favorite so far. 
Our goal was to create a great travel size case for your Zentangle tiles and tools. We also wanted to create something that could be tangled into a one of a kind piece of Zentangle art. This canvas, wallet-like case is blank on the outside and very suitable for tangling. 
You can tangle right on the cotton surface. Or, as we did here, you can coat the case first with Mod Podge® for fabric to give your case a different look. 

The Zentangle Go-Tangle Wallet has two pockets on the inside designed to hold original, Apprentice and Zendala tiles. One of the pockets is screen printed with the Zentangle logo. It also holds a few pens or pencils, and even a tortillion. Take your tangling practice on the GO!
Closed, the Go-Tangle Tile wallet measures approximately 5.5 inches (14 cm) square.
Go-Tangle Tile Wallet


Want to share your love for all things Zentangle? 
Give your car or fridge some Zentangle love with these custom "Zentangle Spoken Here" magnets. 

Each oval magnet is 9 x 6 inches (23 x 15 cm). 

Zentangle Spoken Here Magnet


No Mistakes T-shirt
This one is a staff favorite. The "No Mistakes" philosophy is such a big part of the Zentangle method and one we happily allow to trickle into our work ethic and personal lives. 

These T-shirts are screen printed with original art by Maria and have a playful take on "no mistakes" using an image of our bronx cheer tangle - a fun "in-joke" that only Zentangle enthusiasts will understand. These unisex, Tri-blend short-sleeve T-Shirts are 50% polyester, 25% combed and ring spun cotton, 25% rayon. They are a beautiful Teal color with the "No Mistakes" artwork in black.

The left sleeve has a small Zentangle logo in red with the Zentangle name in black.

Maria adds:
"You will NOT want to take this t-shirt off . . . it is so soft and cuddly, it feels like a hug! We all think "No Mistakes" is one of Zentangle's most charming characteristics. It is certainly no mistake that it has found its way onto our premier t-shirt!"

Available in S through 3XL.

No Mistakes T-Shirt

Zentangle Treats from around this World

Hi there,

I was so enthralled with ellish, I just had to have a go.  

Thank you for this elegant tangle.

-- ES, UK


Hello Rick and Maria,
Sunday morning my husband perceived a big Weinberg snailin our garden. It is the 2nd time within 16 years we had such a cute visitor. 

Warmest regards from Bavaria, Inge Frasch, CZT21


I appreciate your personal note!  I am new to art, and new to Zentangle. 

I 'bumped into' Zentangle, and decided "I can do this"  -- so I am embarking on this just because I am retired and need something artistic to at least try. I've NEVER been at all good at creating things artistically, can't draw much, etc. But -- this was something I felt I might be able to do since it has some structure in it and, it doesn't have to be perfect! LOL.



It's completely my pleasure to be a part of this app [Zentangle Mosaic] and the Zentangle community.......I am honoured.


D Narayana, India



I just wanted to touch base with you about my latest Zentangle experience AND more importantly express my sincerest gratitude to you.  Several years ago, [someone close to me] was in inpatient recovery at an addiction and recovery center.

Because of that experience, I sincerely wanted to teach Zentangle there after hearing the Dr. from India at my CZT training in Providence.  He said, "the body is like a hospital.  Take it out of the shame of the past and the worry of the future and put it in the present and it can heal."  (paraphrased of course)

I have been teaching there every other Sunday!  They love it.  This past Sunday, a gentlemen produced a beautiful Zentangle that took him 36 hours to make.  Each pattern was one hour as he LISTENED at a 12 Step Meeting.  

He said his focus was 100% on the words of the meeting.  It was outstanding and a full on testimony to the power of Zentangle.  

Thank you.   DS


CZT Schedule for 2017

Although we will not open registration until our next newsletter in a week or so, we want to let you know what the dates will be ahead of time. This will let you choose which dates will be best for you to attend . . . before the rush when we open registration. (O ur CZT Seminars fill quickly.)

Our 2017  CZT training Seminar  dates are:

April 9 - 12
April 23 - 26
June 18 - 21
June 25 - 28

Maria and I  are looking forward to sharing a new expanded program with our future CZTs.  This year, the  CZT  seminars will  begin early afternoon on  Sundays  and conclude by 5:00pm on  Wednesdays   in Providence, RI, USA. 

In our next newsletter, we will provide lots of new information regarding our 2017 seminars and publish the registration link.

Thank you all once more for enjoying and contributing to this wonderful Zentangle adventure!

We trust you will enjoy these new products and we look forward to meeting many of you in 2017

Best from us all,

Rick, Maria, Bijou and everyone at Zentangle

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