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Mosquitos, Babies and the Zika Virus
Community Conversations in Seattle and Portland

After looking at the brain scans of babies affected by Zika virus infection, physician and scientist Kristina Adams Waldorf "had a horrible feeling in the pit of [her] stomach."  Affected babies have more than microcephaly, or small heads. Come and learn what the experts know--and don't know--about the virus, its vector and infections.  We'll also talk about ethical concerns in research with pregnant women and babies, both vulnerable populations.

Institutional Review Board (IRB) Conference
Ethics and Regulation in the Digital Age
July 21, 2016

Digital and emerging technologies are revolutionizing the conduct of clinical trials. How can regulators and IRBs keep up with these changes? Join us and find out!
Attendees can expect a comprehensive program targeted toward IRB members, IRB staff, researchers and study sponsors. Issues raised by the Notice of Proposed Rulemaking also will be addressed by speakers, including a panel discussion on the centralization of IRB review. Please join us in Seattle or by webinar for thoughtful and engaging discussions.

Annual Speak Up for Research Fundraising Gala

Save the date of Thursday June 9th for NWABR's premiere fundraising dinner.  Don't miss the new location, a fantastic caterer, LIVE music and your favorite Dessert Dash. Most importantly, don't miss your chance to Speak Up about the importance of biomedical research and its ethical conduct.
More information about the Gala
Security and Crisis Communications Conference date announced

Plan now to attend our Third Annual Security and Crisis Communications Conference on Thursday September 29, 2016!  We are building a robust network of facilities and laboratory managers, security personnel and communications professionals.  Come and see.
Monthly News & Updates
Fetal Tissue Community Conversation Well Received in Spokane, WA

In late March our Spokane Community Conversation featured the difficult topic of fetal tissue research (FTR) and the fallout from the undercover, edited videos released by the Center for Medical Progress.  Attendees included professors, mothers, mothers-to-be, students of debate, scientists, religious folks and a Planned Parenthood staff member.

Facilitator Dr. Andrea Lazarus, Assistant VP for Research at WSU, laid out some of the key issues with fetal tissue research. To review these, please visit our Conversation webpage.

In our Conversation, four major discussion threads emerged. Attendees raised the question of whether fetal tissue is ethically somehow essentially different from other tissue types.  A few attendees felt that the tissue deserved... read more

IACUC Conference Provided Continuing Education, Networking and Inspiration


On March 31, NWABR offered our annual IACUC Conference in conjunction with PRIM&R's IACUC2016.  We had well rounded sessions that included IACUC basics, current best practices and challenges in animal research studies. In their evaluations, participants from all over the world indicate this is one of the best, if not the best, IACUC they have ever attended. 


Many thanks to our speakers, volunteers and sponsors! 

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