Press Release
For immediate release
Spartanburg, SC/ Rutherfordton, NC
August 2016
Zimmer America Customer Ultimate Textiles helps make uniforms for US Olympic Team
We are proud to announce that our customer, Rutherfordton, NC based Ultimate Textiles plays an important role in the manufacturing of the US Olympic Team's uniforms for the opening and closing ceremonies in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Ultimate Textiles finishes the fabrics for the uniforms for Ralph Lauren Polo. 

Zimmer America  supplied the following machinery to Ultimate Textiles:
Ehwha Finishing Tenter Frame

Ehwha Gotech Finishing Tenter Frame. Ehwha Glotech  manufactures pin/clip combination tenter frames for knitted and w oven fabrics 

Zimmer America fabric dye Jig

Sanforizer  for shrinkage control, and fixing of fabrics.

Zimmer Solar installation
Zimmer Solar Installation : this is a 6 panel system
with two 200 gallon storage tanks which supply all of the hot water for the lab.
ULTIMATE TEXTILES  is the "ultimate textile plant" dying and finishing about 100,000 yards of high-quality fabric per week. Utlimate Textiles constantly improves their products through extensive Reseach & Development, and has been named the first certified organic textile mill in the US.
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