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September 2011

Dear Zinn Education Project friends,


We'd like to invite you to two upcoming conferences, one in Seattle, on Saturday, October 1, and the other in San Francisco, on Sunday, October 9. We'll have Zinn Education Project materials at both conferences, and several people whose work appears at the Zinn Education Project site will be presenting workshops. We hope you'll be able to attend one of these if you're close enough to make the trip.



NW Teachers for Social Justice Conference Sat. Oct. 1

The Northwest Teaching for Social Justice conference

Chief Sealth International High School in Seattle


The conference's theme is "Rethinking Our Classrooms, Organizing for Better Schools." Keynote speaker will be Karen Lewis, president of the Chicago Teachers Union; with a featured presentation by Rethinking Schools editor, Stan Karp: "Challenging Corporate School Reform." Rethinking Schools editor and ZEP contributor Linda Christensen will lead a workshop, "Unearthing the Voices Silenced by History," and Rethinking Schools editor and ZEP contributor Wayne Au and I will lead a workshop on writing for Rethinking Schools. Additionally, Rethinking Schools writers will also be presenting workshops: Tim Swinehart, �zlem Sensoy, Jeff Edmundson, Brian Gibbs, Elizabeth Schlessman, Tom McKenna, Ann Truax, Alison Schmitke, Mark Hansen, and Katharine Johnson. The conference will feature more than 60 outstanding workshops from educators all around the region. And dozens of community organizations will display their wares at a Resource Fair. See details and register at www.nwtsj.org.



Teachers for Social Justice-San Francisco Sun. Oct. 9

The annual San Francisco Teachers 4 Social Justice conference

Mission High School  


This year's keynote speakers at this fabulous conference are University of Wisconsin professor Gloria Ladson-Billings, renowned speaker and author; and Patrick Camangian, assistant professor at University of San Francisco's Urban Education and Social Justice program. The conference theme is "Teaching for Social Justice: The Power of Community." Rethinking Schools and the Zinn Education project will be represented by Linda Christensen and Jody Sokolower, and I'll be there as well.  As always, this is a free conference, but please pre-register at www.t4sj.org.  


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As you know from recent Zinn Education Project emails, we have passed 13,000 ZEP registrations and are closing in on 14,000. Please spread the word to friends and colleagues that there are valuable "teaching outside the textbook" resources at



Thanks for your support and for all your important work.


Bill Bigelow


Curriculum Editor, Rethinking Schools

Co-director, The Zinn Education Project


The Zinn Education Project introduces students to a more accurate, complex, and engaging understanding of United States history than is found in traditional textbooks and curricula. 
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