New Class Times  

Based on client feedback we are adding a Monday 4pm class (no childcare offered)

starting tomorrow, October 22nd.  The online schedule reflects this new class.



Effective November 13th, we will be adding a Tuesday & Thursday 7pm class 

(no childcare offered).  


Foam Rollers
You may have noticed that we have 3 large foam rollers in the studio and that we are also
selling them in the lobby.  For those of you that are unfamiliar with the benefits of foam
rolling, let us take a moment to explain why we believe in them.

Many us experience problems with tight muscles. The tissue that can cause tightness to the muscle is 
often referred to as fascia. To relieve problems with tight muscles or fascia issues, the foam
roller acts as a massage tool.  Users can position the foam roller beneath them and roll back and forth.
The foam roller then connects with the muscle and underlying tissue, kneading them and making them
looser, also improving some types of connective tissue problems.  This is called myofascial release,
and it's one of the main uses of foam rollers for pain therapy, muscle massaging and 
overall fitness improvement.

We offer 3 large foam rollers in the studio for you to use before and after class to help
alleviate tight muscles.  We also have rollers available for purchase at the front desk.
We strongly believe in the benefits of these rollers, which is why we are integrating them
in the studio.  

If you are interested in learning more,  Click Here.
Meet our Newest Instructors:  Stephanie Gilstrap & Kama Blasing!! 
 We are thrilled to have 2 new instructors teaching classes in the studio.  Stephanie has been
teaching for over a month now, and Kama just joined us last week.  
If you haven't had the honor of taking a class from them, we hope you will search them
out on the schedule.  They are both teaching challenging classes fused with their own personality 
and inspiration.  Welcome aboard, beautiful ladies!  We are so very honored to have you as part of the barre3 Family!
stephanie    Kama 
                                         Stephanie Gilstrap                                 Kama Blasing
The barre3 Team
70 SW Century Drive, Suite 140
Bend, OR  97701