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Having a whale of a good time on the polymer cruise!
(all the drinks are fruit juice, honest)
Thar she blows!


I had whales on my mind recently.  Well, not literally - that would crush my neck.  But I was thinking about them because during a recent teaching trip to Australia, I visited a neat little rock and mineral shop in Perth and came across a whale's tooth. The teeth were old, harvested during a time when we humans weren't so enlightened about hunting these amazing creatures.  But the tooth was interesting to hold - very smooth and very solid.  You wouldn't want to be at the receiving end of that set of chompers!.  A few weeks later, whales popped up into my universe again, because my daughter-in-law, Michelle, posted a video of her and Ray (my son) during their whale watching adventure in Maui.


Adventure on the high seas on the Polymer Cruise

Whales really are rather interesting.  They look unusual, they do that crazy singing thing, and they go really, really deep

underwater - especially for a creature that breathes air.  So, I couldn't help but be inspired to "dive deep" into my creative self and do some whaley artistic things.  I hope you'll be amused by them as well. 


If nothing else, you can let the whale be your artistic guide in diving into deep waters with your creativity this summer -- make make a splash with your art!


- cf


p.s.:  One more thing about whales -- they're large.  As we were putting this eBlather together we realized that we had sooo much stuff to share with you all, since it's been a while since we had a real eBlather (what with Michelle and Ray's wedding, and then they were away on their honeymoon, and as you know, I can't do this eBlather without them! They understand technology and computer stuff!)  anyay, this eblather turned out to be large ... a whale of an eBlather!

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Lovely Leaves with felting fun!

Bead & Button Show 
June 3-9th, Milwaukee, WI

This is a double fun day! I'll be joined by my friend, Pat Pawlowicz, who will teach needle felting at the same time... felt is one of the many media that combines beautifully with polymer clay!

In this all-day class, you will create LOTS of LEAVES from polymer, felt and embellishments both! You will learn a carving technique, work with surface colorants (metals, powders, glitters and other fun stuff). And you'll add beads as well! Lots and lots of techniques, lots and lots of fun!

Register at the Bead & Button show, there's still a little room left!

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Steampunk Whale

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UPDATE: Birds Book now a downloadable pdf eBook!

If you missed out on getting a Birds book before they ran out- not to worry! Now it's a downloadable pdf! Yay!!!

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More Clay Classes in Chico, CA!
Ocean Bottles

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Captured Curiosities

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Psst! MishPic
Michelle here with a Sneak Peak on what's happening inside CF's Studio

Firstly, let me say a HUGE thank you to all the thoughtful people who emailed  and facebook'd their happy wedding wishes for us: Thank you so SO much! You guys are awesome!
Our Very accurate lovebirds cake topper and the whole Friesen clan!

The wedding went great! The honeymoon in Hawaii was fantastic! We has such a blast, and, as Christi mentioned we went whale-watching (my favorite!) and got a great clip of a gentleman humpback crooning! (with our super tan biologist guide gal talking about it).
There were so many amazing flowers and fish and sculptures! oh my goodness! So beautiful! I've asked Christi if pretty please she could make us some Hawaii-inspired projects AND since Miss Christi just went to Hawaii herself with her hubby for their anniversary, she brought back a lot of pictures and a LOT of new ideas! YAAAYYY!!  So coming soonish from CF- Hawaii-inspired projects & classes!! I can't wait to see what they are!

Momma and calf whale
Also, I just wanted to add in here pic of MY steampunk whale mama and calf. I put them swimming through a watch piece in the theme of "patience and strength" in honor of my (pregnant mama) clients. (psst! I'm also a birth doula, in case you guys didn't know!)

Pretty cute, right? I love whales! So be sure to post your whale art picture up on the cf originals facebook page so we all can see them!

~Mrs. Friesen #2 (Michelle)
(clay and fiber artiste, Christi's assistant, birth doula, and Ray's lil wifey) 

Creative Tip #29

Having a whale of a time!



In the olden days (back when they wore woolen underwear and all the men had big mustaches), ships set out for months, sometimes even years, hunting for whales. We don't do that anymore, thankfully. But back then, the sailors would have a lot of hanging-around time on the ship, waiting for all the harpooning and mayhem to begin. Many of the rough and rum-soaked sailors used that time to do artsy things - all kinds of things with knots and woven bits, detailed seashell "sailors valentines" and of course scrimshaw. This is engraving onto the surface of smoothed whale teeth (or other ivory pieces). Who knows why it was called "scrimshaw" - not even wikipedia, apparently... but it's a cool word to say - say it out loud a few times (but not in a crowded place, or you might get some funny looks). Scrimshaw!


Anyway, this look is really interesting to mimic with polymer clay. You already know how to play with creating a clay blend that looks like ivory, right? (There are lots of tutorials out there - just google it!) My favorite is to layer white, ecru and translucent clays to get tiny striations of color that really look like ivory. (I've got a more detailed how-to in my "Woodland Creatures" book, if you have that!)


1. Ok, so make some ivory clay, cut it into a roughly whale-tool shape (pretty much a fat teardrop-ish shape). Form the clay with your hands to make it rounded - no smearing or you'll mess up the ivory stripes!


2. To make the whale tooth shape even smoother without smushing the lines, put a piece of plastic over the clay and gently rub it. (I cut up a ziploc bag and use that since the plastic is thicker than plastic wrap.)


3. Poke a hole through what will be the top end so you can wear it as a pendant. I usually slide a piece of thick, uncoated wire through the hole to keep the channel open while I work.


4. Use a sharp craft knife (I prefer a pointed Xacto-style knife) to make thin cuts in the surface of the "tooth" to create the design. It's important to use a sharp knife and not a needle tool or other thicker pointed tool. You want to create the look of engraving, which is thin-lined! The cuts don't need to be very deep.


5. Bake it! You know the drill - preheat oven, use a thermometer inside, bake for about 45 minutes, let it cool. Pull out the wire.


6. Once it's cool, use fine sandpaper to get all the rough edges and clay boogers off the surface. This really helps it look convincing. I use the wet/dry SuperFine sanding sponges - they're great! (I've got them in my online store, if you have trouble finding some.) Use a dry cloth or paper towel to wipe off any clay dust.


7. To make the clay look more like old ivory, use a medium brown acrylic paint (I use raw umber) to paint on the surface and then immediately wipe off with damp sponges. Wring alllll the water out of the sponges before you use them. This will stain the surface of the clay ivory, as well as get into the lines of the image.


8. Once that paint is dry, use a bit of black paint to intensify the design. Just like the sailors would have done. Well, they would have used soot or tobacco juice... but close enough!


9. If you're into polishing, you can give the finished piece a very light polish (don't rub the paints off!), or just use a little satin glaze (I used Sculpey Satin Glaze), rubbed onto the surface with a paper towel or bit of cotton cloth. 


Fun, huh? And no whales were harmed.



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