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Nov 16 : Saint Mary's Episcopal in Newton

Nov 29 : Covenant Church of Quincy Art Exhibit  

Dec 6 : Christmas Arts Fair at Old South Church in Boston


 Our New Website!

Please check out our new website.

It is bright, clean and tells our story. Thank you Steve Nelson for all your help.


Thank you
to our partner congregations who will be joining us for outdoor worship.

2nd: United Methodist Church of Westford MA
First Religious Society in Carlisle MA
16th: St John's Church, Gloucester MA & St Michael's Episcopal Church, Milton MA
23rd: Church of the Holy Spirit, Wayland MA
30th: St Mark's Episcopal Church, Westford MA  
Lunch and Worship groups still needed on Dec 28th, Feb 15th, and Feb 22nd

Let us know if your group would like to volunteer!

1~   Jerry
2~   Kenneth
2~   Charles
3~   Richard Jay
3~   Teresa McCormack
4~   Joanne Netto
7~   John Bubier
9~   John Butler
11~ Gary Huber (RIP)
11~ Andrew McLaren
12~ Victoria
14~ David Barron
14~ Robert Mason
15~ Wanda
17~Evelyn Maynard
17~Valerie Cole
17~Anthony Smith
23~Anne Marie Farina
25~Jason Rittenberg
30~Eddie Larson

We remember
Patrick Conway (11/04/2007)
John Parker (11/27/2011)

...And those that mourn:



We are in need of some small and large items. All make a big difference in our ministry.  



 Individual (or group) donations of these items are deeply appreciated:



  • New white socks
  • Dunkin Donuts gift cards
  • small toiletries (toothpaste, toothbrushes, small shampoo/deodorant/razors/soap/sun block/chapstick)
  • new mens and womens underwear/tshirts


  • Dick Blick Gift certificates
  • Acrylic paints (especially red, blue, yellow, white, black)
  • Paint brushes (all sizes)
  • Canvas boards or stretched canvases (all sizes)
  • Old paintings that can be painted over
  • Sketch books (all sizes)
  • Beads (all types)
  • Costume jewelry and beaded jewelry (that can be taken apart and made into new pieces)
  • Pencils, pencil sharpeners, erasers, masking tape
  • Yarn for knitters
  • Hot and cold cups (paper, not Styrofoam)
  • Powdered drink mix
  • Hot cocoa mix
  • Coffee (regular)
  • Sugar and sugar-substitute   

If you can help, please respond to this email.



We are always looking for new volunteers -- and hope to see again soon those of you who already do!



Our ministries run thanks to volunteers, prayers and financial support. If you have already given time and prayer...keep it up. If you still have more to give a check will be greatly appreciated.  


Checks (written to "Ecclesia Ministries Inc.") can be mailed to:

P O Box 51003, Boston MA 02205


November 4, 2014 

Dear Friends,


This has been a difficult month for unhoused Bostonians.


The abrupt closure of the Long Island shelter (during which those displaced were not allowed to retrieve their belongings or to continue receiving needed services) increased the anxiety and frustration of our entire community. We have responded by reaching out to - being in community with -- and holding in prayer -- those who have been displaced. As we anticipate that the need for clothing will be greater, we are making sure that we will have plenty on hand to be given out at November's CityReach.


The violence perpetrated against two Park Rangers on the Common rocked our community as well. Although the alleged perpetrator was known by some in our community, he did not choose to attend our programs. We have responded to this incident by reaching out to all the Park Rangers, by keeping them (as well as the alleged perpetrator) in prayer, and by continuing our prayers for peace and understanding for all.


Even though our community is not new to having to live a transient life - or to witnessing violence - these events have been hard to handle.


However, in the face of these tragedies one thing is clear. Our community is resilient. We will continue to be a peaceful presence on the Common. We will continue to stand together with hope, and to work for justice. We remain dedicated to welcoming all to God's table.


And to sharing our good news.


We are proud to share how our common art program sent two representatives to the United Nations in New York City, to accompany the mural we created last spring, and to speak with international leaders to advocate on behalf of those experiencing poverty.


We share Pastor Mary's delight in anticipation of the life-changing power that is CityReach.


We are also pleased to share with you our new website. Please spend some time here, reading more about the work, the church, the intentional community we are building together.


And - we thank you for being a part of this great community.


Amanda Grant-Rose            Dr. Debra Leonard
Executive Director                Board of Directors


Addressing the United Nations
The International Eradication of Poverty Day is recognized by the United Nations each year as various nations come together to speak on its causes, effects, and plans for a better future.

This year, common art representatives were asked to speak at this event, thanks to a partnership between ca and the Center for Social Policy at UMass Boston. common art was represented by longtime community member, Dante Gandini, as well as by Artist in Residence, Heidi Lee. The question that was presented: Can the Arts make an impact on Homelessness and Poverty?

The common art community is living proof that the Arts not only make an impact, but also change lives. Here is what Dante shared at the UN before diplomats and politicians of various nations:  
 "My name is Dante Gandini and I am an artist and member of the common art community.

We at common art strive to empower the Boston homeless community by providing an opportunity for sustainability through the use of their creative vision.

We do this by providing a large studio space, quality art materials, storage for art, and artistic guidance to reach their artistic goals, whether using art as a part of the healing process or seeking to become a professional artist.

When I experienced homelessness several years ago, I found that it was near impossible for me to integrate within social norms, such as stable employment, freedom from pain and addiction, as well as optimism about my circumstances.

It was not until I discovered a program like common art that I felt free to give back to others and be the artist that I know I've been created to be.

I am daily healed by the process of creating from inspiration in the world around me and by the very act of service, as common art has served me and accepted me as family.

My hope as you view this mural we've created is that we together may see the need to speak up for what exists within our world, our communities, our neighbors.

The need to Change what is not right. The need for each one of us to make sacrifices necessary, so that All of us may be given the dignity that at current, only a minority of us experience on a daily basis.

Thank you for your ears. Now we ask for your minds and hearts."

CityReach is coming!

The leaves on Boston Common have turned red, yellow, and orange.  The days are getting shorter and colder. CityReach is coming!  This makes me smile. As the CityReach coordinator, I get to receive the powerful joy CityReach brings to many people.


Last week I received texts, written messages, and personal visits from CityReach staff members, excited about the coming season.   

  • "Albert" dropped into Bible Study to confirm he was on the staff list. 
  • "John"texted me at 5:00 am --
    saying "I can't sleep.  I'm so excited for CityReach to start."
  • "Roger" greeted me with a big hug and the question, "Can I do CityReach again?"  He's been asking the same question every week for 3 months, and I gave the same answer. "Yes. We love having you on the team."

The CityReach staff is excited because this is an opportunity to share their knowledge and skills.  They are excited to see friends they haven't seen since the last CityReach session. Excited to make a difference in young people's lives. 


Meanwhile, last week was the first batch of orientation meetings.  These meetings prepare the Youth Group leaders.  Chaperones sent me texts, e-mails, and personal visits.   

  • "Erica" said, "We are just bursting to begin."
  • "Tom" said, "Will 'Leon' be there.  The kids can't stop talking about 'Leon' and how much they hope to see him again." 
  • "Mark" explained, "I haven't been, but so many people have told me about it, I can't wait."

CityReach is a program that, on the outside, appears to revolve around stuff.  We give away 400 bag lunches, closets full of clothing, and truck-loads of socks.  It's easy to be distracted by stuff.  We know that socks, sandwiches, coffee, jackets will not "fix" things.  Those things are just tools to build something bigger. We are not about stuff, we are about community.  Being together.  Sometimes being the teacher, sometimes being the learner, but never being alone. Always in community.  

-- Pastor Mary Eaton   


City Reach Dates are as follows: 


Nov 14/15, 2014 (FULL)

 Dec 5/6, 2014

Jan 16/17, 2015

Feb 6/7, 2015

Feb 27/28, 2015

March 20/21, 2015

April 10/11, 2015

May 1/2, 2015


To sign up for any available dates please email Tonika at  

Thank You
To our office host
St. Augustine & St. Martin Episcopal Church, Boston
To our program hosts and partners
St. Paul's Episcopal Cathedral
Church on the Hill
        Emmanuel Episcopal Church
The Barbara McInnis House (Boston Healthcare for the Homeless)
Father McCarthy House (Father Bill's & Mainspring)
Tuttle House (Paul Sullivan Housing/Pine Street Inn)
To our common art lunch sponsors/partners 
St. Cecilia Roman Catholic Parish
Community Servings  
To our semi-annual outing sponsor: St. John's Episcopal Church, Westwood

To our annual retreat sponsor: 

Adelynrood Retreat & Conference Center and The Society of the Companions of the Holy Cross

To our staff retreat sponsor

Society of St. John the Evangelist


To ALL who give their time, their donations, their prayers.

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Regular Weekly Activities
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A simple lunch at 12:30pm, Brewer Fountain on Boston Common
common cathedral Worship at 1pm
Leadership Team (1st Sunday) or Gospel Reflection
Spiritual Support (with Communion) at the Barbara McInnis House respite facility
Spiritual Support at the Barbara McInnis House
common art 
Leadership Team at Emmanuel Church, 15 Newbury St, 8-9am
Open studio & mentoring 10am till 2pm
Bible Study at South Station, upstairs in the Food Court, 11am


Pastoral care at Friday Flix, Church on the Hill, 1pm

common cathedral Staff  

Amanda Grant-Rose, Executive Director 

Mary Jane Eaton, MDiv, Associate Pastor

Fr. Brian Murdoch, Associate Priest

The Rev. Ken Schmidt, Deacon

Heidi Lee, Artist-in-Residence  

Tonika Farrell, Administrative Assistant

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