93rd Annual PSATS Conference
April 19-21 in Hershey, PA. 

We'll be there!  Come stop by our booth  #156  and spin the wheel to earn a key  and a chance to open the docSTAR treasure chest and win what's inside! Prizes include and are not limited to: Tablets, Laptops, Cameras, Blue Tooth Sound Box! Let us show you how docSTAR  locates any document you are looking for within seconds. Plans, letters, ordinances and any other type of documents that are accessed every day, are easily found and acted on immediately.




Customer Spotlight: West Grove Borough

How docSTAR made our audit easy!

"The Borough scans all of the invoices and checks into our docStar System each month. The auditors requested many copies of the invoices and checks off the bank statements as part of their audit each year. Previously, I had to pull them out of the files as requested and then refile them after the audit was completed. Copying the invoices and checks into the DocStar system made it easy for the auditors to review the checks and invoices without me having to pull and refile them. The auditors were very impressed with the system." 

~Sharon Nesbitt, Borough Manager



Upcoming Training
Ask the experts: Open Forum

Please join us on Monday, April 13th @ 10:30AM for a live, 30 minute question and answer session with one of  our docSTAR experts! This session gives you the opportunity to ask questions regarding docSTAR software features and functionality. Don't be shy, any 

                                                          question is a good one! 


To join, click this link 5 minutes prior to the meeting to be connected.




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Geek Speak

April Showers Bring Power Outages


We all experience power outages, brown outs, and surges; but do you know the havoc it can cause on your electronics? What many people don't realize is that electricity; especially in, thunderstorms and summer time is as much a danger to our electronics as it is needed for them to run. Electricity is wonderful when it is coming into the building at a constant voltage, what we don't realize is that during thunderstorms and peak times, we don't always get the correct voltage, causing a low power condition to our electronics. 


Learn How to Protect Yourself: