Six Reasons Why The Magic Circle Is Totally Worth It

Ah, the Magic Circle. It’s sometimes called a “Pilates Ring,” “Windsor Ring,” or “NOT AGAIN!” Much like those oversized rubber bands, it’s either one of those things you either love or hate. It’s guaranteed that whenever the instructor brings out the Magic Circles, there’s always someone who feels a little bit of dread. Sometimes, you can even hear someone audibly cringle. But why? Can we agree to just stop hating on the Magic Circle? What did it do to you other than give you a sleeker, more toned body? After all, we wouldn’t ask you to use one if it wasn’t totally worth it. Here are six reasons why the Magic Circle deserves your love. 
It Improves Your Core Strength

Core Strength is the entire reason why you are doing Pilates, right? I mean—isn’t that the whole point? The resistance and instability of the Magic Circle really improves your core strength. 

It Helps Your Posture

In general, Pilates will help improve your posture, but the Magic Circle can be a big part of that. Since improving your core strength automatically helps improve your posture, think of this benefit as bonus you didn’t have to work harder for!

It Keeps Challenging Your Body

It Helps You Stretch

What feels better after a tough Pilates class than a nice, deep stretch? Okay, a nice cold cocktail, but you can’t do that on a reformer… Using the Magic Circle helps give your calves and other muscles an even deeper stretch.

It Really Helps Work Your Smaller Muscles

The shape and resistance of the Magic Circle helps work those smaller muscles, which makes you stronger and tones your body as a whole.

It’s Magical

Actually, there is nothing magical about the Magic Circle. It can’t change your body magically, but it can change your body if you use it often enough.