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E-Lit Books is keeping the boall rolling in 2014 with lots of fun updates on some of your favorite authors--including two new book signings for Karoline Barrett! We also give readers a chance to learn more about our newest author, Tracy Gardner Beno!
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The Art of Being Rebekkah!



  • How does Karoline keep her creative juices flowing? Find out in her revealing guest post via SavvyAuthors.
  • Live near Guilford, CT? Then you won't want to miss Karoline's book signing at Breakwater Books February 8th at 12pm!
  • Mystic, CT fans! Meet Karoline in person at a book signing at Bank Square Books February 22nd! For more info, click here.  
  • Look out for another guest post by Karoline over on the site Women's Fiction Writers April 3rd! 
What's New with The Seduction of Miriam Cross by W.A. Tyson?

  • W.A. takes a stand against human trafficking in a passionate blog post last month.   
  • The author also spoke with Donna Sabella, PhD, RN, founder of Project Phoenix, an agency that provides support to women and children in need--some who have been exploited or trafficked. She writes about her discussion here.  
  • Plus, W.A. will host two workshops at Amelia Island Book Festival on Friday, February 21st--"Find a Literary Agent" and "Mystery, Suspense, Thriller Panel." For more information, click here.    
Fordham University & the United States: A History
by Debra Caruso Marrone is still Going Strong!
The book that takes a fascinating look at the history of Fordham University and how it played a role in U.S. history continues to garner press:

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Welcome New Author Tracy Gardner Beno!

E-Lit Books is growing! We welcome debut author Tracy Gardner Beno to the family by asking her a few of our most burning questions:

Q: What can readers expect from your as yet untitled first book?
TGB: My first book is an everywoman story with a twist. It follows two childhood friends who were separated by mysterious circumstances and reunited as adults.
Q: What's been the toughest challenge of the writing process?
TGB: The challenge is trying to make the story fall into place. with this book, I always knew where it would start and how it would end, and I had a good idea of the stepping stones along the way. But aside from the plot, I wanted both women to grow and achieve a certain peace.
Q: How much of your own personality can be found in the characters?
TGB: A LOT. Some characters and storylines more than others. Many of my characters are also an amalgam of several people I've known.
Q: How do you find inspiration to write?
TGB: My best ideas come to me when I'm either driving or showering. Not sure why, but it is a little inconvenient that both those prevent me from jotting down anything until later! I haven't really gone looking for inspiration. Once I've met my characters and brought them to life, the writing becomes addictive.
Q: What do you do when you're not writing?
TGB: I have a great husband and two fun, busy kids to keep up with, as well as a day job as a Registered Nurse. When the weather allows, nothing is more fun than a weekend camping trip with my family and our two dogs. Aside from that, I enjoy listening to muysic, finding time for girlfriend therapy and of course reading.

Stay tuned for more updates on Tracy's new book!
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