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e-Points, an existing industry newsletter
Greetings from our CEO

Welcome to the second edition of e-Points, the existing industry newsletter from SC Power Team.

As our state continues to recover from the effects of Hurricane Matthew, the hearts and prayers of our team go out to all of our fellow South Carolinians. From residential-to-commercial members, to all our electric cooperatives and our generation utility Santee Cooper, the impact of the storm has been felt. Our hopes for a safe, fast recovery go to everyone.

e-Points is purposefully designed to be a quick value add to you. In this edition, you will find information on preparing your facility to deal with a natural disaster and a unique tax credit that may increase your pool of talent while lowering your federal tax liability

Andrew Folks, our Business Retention and Expansion Manager, continues to be the front line of our service to you as an existing industry customer on the Santee Cooper and electric cooperatives power system. A large part of his value comes from the breadth of his travel across the state, which includes over 200 unique industrial facilities visited since 2014. Andrew is a tremendous intersection of industry knowledge, free business resources and customer service. Contact Andrew to arrange for him to visit your facility. And as you will see below, he is not afraid to gear up to tour your plant. 

By operating here, you entrust our team to provide reliable, affordable electricity and to be a partner in helping your operation thrive. It is a commitment we are honored to keep. 


James A. Chavez , President & CEO
SC Power Team

Whether you are an independently owned facility or part of a large corporate family, all can benefit from a visit to the SC Emergency Management Division's (SCEMD) Emergency Planning for Business & Industry web page. Click the link below to access 1) a quick precaution checklist and 2) links to resources and additional information for emergency preparedness. 

Did you know the SC Department of Employment and Workforce (SC DEW) administers a federal tax credit for industries who hire from groups with documented barriers to employment? The Work Opportunity Tax Credit can be claimed each time a company hires from groups, such as veterans, Vocational Rehabilitation participants and many others. And the company gets to make the hiring decisions. To learn more, visit the SC DEW link below or reach out to  S.C. WOTC Coordinator Laura Rushton at 803-737-2592 or

Brrr, it's cold in here - BRE Manager Andrew Folks dons a parka and hard hat for a recent industry visit to a cold storage facility.

With the nation's fastest growing US port since 2011, and a strategic location within a 2-day drive of over 200 million Americans, South Carolina is a great fit for distribution, warehousing and logistics (DWL) facilities. Our electric service area is no exception. 

Recently, our BRE Manager Andrew Folks visited the NestlĂ© Cold Storage Facility, managed by Ryder Logistics (see photo). It is during industry visits that Andrew facilitates conversations of concern to our customers. Served by Broad River Electric, the facility is one of many DWL facilities on our power system.

How did SC Power Team assist? Through the Santee Cooper Economic Development Investment Fund ( SCEDIF), a technical assistance grant, the SC Power Team was able to assist Dollar Tree with its location decision. This long-standing program is available to companies locating or expanding in South Carolina Power Team territory.
BRE Manager Andrew Folks is geared up for an industry visit to House of Raeford Farms' modern egg hatchery in Monetta, SC. 

In South Carolina, Agribusiness (agriculture, forestry and timber) is a  $41 billion industry supporting over 200,000 jobs . Many of the biggest names in the industry - Domtar, West Fraser, Canfor, Ruiz Foods, and Starbucks - have found a home on our electric power system. 

To the left, you will see a photo from BRE Manager Andrew Folks' recent visit to House of Raeford Farm's new egg hatchery. Opening this summer, the facility features some of the most advanced technology in the poultry industry. The hatchery is part of a larger House of Raeford complex in Monetta, SC, and served by Aiken Electric

How did SC Power Team assist? The Santee Cooper Economic Development Investment Fund ( SCEDIF), enabled off-setting of the costs associated with upgrading the former Heinz facility to meet production specifications for Ruiz Foods. As a utility partner, we upgraded the facility and expedited the company's expansion. Whether a company is expanding in South Carolina, or considering relocation, SC Power Team offers utility rate incentives and financial programs to assist with the venture. 
South Carolina Power Team

The South Carolina Power Team is a full-service, non-profit economic development organization representing Santee Cooper, South Carolina's state-owned electric and water utility, Central Electric Power Cooperative and the state's 20 consumer-owned electric cooperatives. Its mission is to: facilitate the growth of jobs, investment and electric load through the attraction of new industrial and commercial activity; and support expansion and retention of existing businesses within the SC Power Team service areas. 

e-Points is an existing industry newsletter of the South Carolina Power Team. 

Need more information? Contact Andrew Folks, South Carolina Power Team, at 803-978-7650 or Follow Andrew as he travels the state visiting our customers on Twitter:  @scandrewfolks.

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