T O U C H S T O N E  -  A  M i d W e e k  B u l l e t i n

Ninth Sunday After Pentecost   
August 6, 2017  

Our Core Values: 
Spiritual Growth. Welcome. Justice-seeking



 A group of FCC folks participated in the local Habitat Build this past weekend; the site is located beneath the Colorado Street Bridge.

Reflections for Worship . . .
This Sunday we will reflect on Matthew 14: 13-21 and the theme will be "thin places... and open-heart transformation". As we further explore Borg's  Heart of Christianity  we will spend time with
 the Celtic concept of "thin places". These are moments/spaces where God is shining through into this world in clear ways-- when the two levels of reality meet and our hearts are transformed and opened up to God and to one another, as Jesus' heart is when he sees the sick in the crowd, in need of healing.

-Rev. Andy Schwiebert 

Also this Sunday:

We will observe Communion this Sunday in worship. We also take a collection the first Sunday of each month for our Good Samaritan Fund; all monies donated to the GSF are used for outreach. You are also invited to bring canned goods for the Friends in Deed Food Pantry. They especially need high quality canned protein for the shelves.

Connie Washburn has arranged for pianist and vocalist Neara Russell to be our guest musician this Sunday.  

Ways to Get Involved!

Join a Union Station meal team.  Bring non-perishable food to church for Friends in Deed food pantry. Contact the church office or speak with a pastor for more info on any of the above. Discipleship Chair John Gamber-Thompson know if you wish to join the next Habitat Build!!


Worship Leaders 
Rev. Andy Schwiebert
Rev. Marlene W. Pomeroy  
Rev. John H. Pomeroy  
Aren Burd
Julie Burd
Brian Brandenburg      
Roberta White               
Pianist   &  Music Director 
Connie Washburn 
Church School Teachers
F or summer we have a single church school class for children and youth in the youth lounge - the teachers for this week are Marlene Pomeroy/TBA.)
Church Nursery (for infants - K) :
Jaquelyne Rodriguez  &  Serena Van

Nursery opens at 9 :15 a.m. for early birds and then everyone comes to worship at 10:00 and stays through the Children's  Time and then heads to the nursery with caregivers and parents.  

Nina Kung   
Visit us at:  uccpasadena.org

Sermon Podcast

D id you miss a worship and want to hear the sermon? Please visit uccpasadena.org and select 'podcasts' from the menu on top of the home page or click below


Office Hours

Mon. - Thurs.

9:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.

Lunch hours:

12:00 p.m. -1:30 p.m. 
Tel. # 626.795.0696
Fax # 626.795.0698

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In this Edition...

Continued Summer Happenings!! 
Small Group on Spiritual Practices  
2 Tickets left for Hollywood Bowl Aug. 27th
Building Updates for June & July
Friends In Deed Update
Pool & BBQ Party at Barbara Bonzo's house 
Habitat for Humanity volunteers 

Summer Happenings Continue!  Join us for any or all of our planned activities:
Sundays June 25-Aug. 6th join your preachers in exploring core theological themes from a progressive Christian perspective. We will be using the book The Heart of Christianity by Marcus Borg and exploring a chapter each week both in our preaching and with the children/youth in our combined church school class. We have books for sale at $10 each or you may purchase your own and read along with us. The intent is to increase our biblical and theological literacy with this overview of several topics and themes. Speak with Pastor Marlene if you wish to help staff our Summer Church School.

Every Other Wednesday Small Group on Mudhouse Sabbath (on Jewish Spiritual Practices) starting July 19th led by Pastor Andy. See article below for details 
Sunday Aug. 27th Hollywood Bowl Picnic and Concert. We have 2 extra tickets to see Pink Martini in concert. This eclectic musical group is fantastic. The concert starts at 7 p.m. and we will be picnicking ahead of time starting around 5 p.m. Come and join us and bring a friend!  Speak with Pastor Marlene to join the group. 
Check out their eclectic style in these two links. www.youtube.com/watch
Small Group on Spiritual Practices

Many of the topics of our recent small groups have been focused on social justice issues. We also recognize the need to ground ourselves in our daily and weekly spiritual practices to sustain us, whether in our work for social justice or in dealing with the daily challenges of life. 
You are invited to spend time with a small group as we work through a book on spiritual practices entitled,  Mudhouse Sabbath: an Invitation to a Life of Spiritual Discipline (study edition) by Lauren F. Winner. The author is a convert to Christianity and has
deep roots in Judaism, so the book is a reflection on the best of Jewish
spiritual practices that might also be life-giving for Christians.

We will try out these spiritual practices together over 4 sessions beginning
Wednesday July 19th, meeting every other Wednesday  
evening from 6:30-8. Please let Andy know if you are interested.

-Rev. Andy Schwiebert 
Summer Hollywood Bowl Outing Aug. 27th to see Pink Martini  
Pastor Marlene has the tickets! (and one extra parking pass for anyone interested in driving a group) Please pick up your tickets from her on Sunday morning or arrange for her to send it to you. Membership Ministry will be giving away two tickets this week - any church member who purchased a ticket will be in the running to "win" one of two tickets to be offered to a non-member so that two non-church folks can join us for this fun outing.  We will meet starting at 5:00 pm for a group potluck at the tables just to the left of the main entrance - just before the first escalator near the parking lot. 
  The concert begins at 7:00 p.m. and our discounted group tickets are $25 each. We do have  a couple tickets left for purchase in section L-1. 
Building Updates for June and July:
Sunday parking: Please continue to use Fuller overhang parking and Walnut lot.
If the University Club is not hosting an event, we may use their lot as well. 
  • Maintenance: 1st floor-Parlor carpets were professionally cleaned and custodial closet door lock was repaired.
2nd floor- a wasp hive was removed from premises, light bulbs changed in hallways
3rd floor- light bulbs changed in hallways
Depot stairwell- electrical work was completed on stairwell light fixture
Elevator was reported down and service repairs were made
  • HVAC & Plumbing: Chapel condensation line was cleared
Faucet adjustments and new aerators were added on 2nd / 3rd floor restrooms. 
  • Carpentry: 2nd & 3rd floor Fire Doors were repaired and new tempered glass was installed to replace windows with existing cracks.
  • Boiler: Over this past month several holes in the chimney were filled and larger holes were sealed as a result of venting the sewer pit and reverting the boiler duct work to the outside. Boiler run off pipes were rerouted to the sew pit after new floor sinks were in place
  • New Building Users:
7/1- 2nd floor office space #238 was leased  
7/1- A Bible study group will meet in our chapel on Thursday and Saturday evenings from 6-9:45pm
Sallie McNair

Friends in Deed Update

Many thanks to all of you who donated money, backpacks and school supplies. Church folks: Anne Cohen, Peter Cohen-Dobbins, Irene Keller, Marlene Pomeroy and Connie Washburn all helped pass out backpacks to school age children. We handed out about 100 in the two days that we were on site. All in all FID will hand out over 250 backpacks to children of all ages as they head back to school in just a few weeks.

Save the Dates for Upcoming Friends in Deed events:

Thursday Aug. 24th for the Annual Meeting and barbecue to be held at the FID location (corner of Los Robles and Washington)
Annual Fund Raising Event at the Historic Castle Green Hotel featuring the jazz trio performing that evening: Mr. John Pisano, Mr. Gene Bertoncini, and Mr. John Leftwich, Rev. Donna Byrns, recent past Executive Director of Friends in Deed will be one of the three honorees this year. Tickets are $99 each and all proceeds support the work of FID.
Friends in Deed is a non-profit that serves the poor and homeless in Pasadena. It is one of our outreach partners that we support through our church both financially and with volunteer hours. FID oversees the Bad Weather Shelter, the Women's Room, the Food Pantry and many other services. Check out their website at http://friendsindeedpas.org to learn more about their current programs and activities. We are pleased to be in relationship with this fine organization.

Pool & BBQ Party at Barbara Bonzo's house

Many thanks to Barb Bonzo for opening her home to 23 swimmers and sun bathers, for Jeff Tyler  for being our master griller), and Membership Ministry for organizing this fun summer event!
Habitat for Humanity Build in Pasadena 2017

Here are some pictures from last Saturday's build. Lu, Roberta, and I sandwiched some plywood with two 2x6 boards to make a beam then  toe-nailed it into place. We also nailed in place some connecting plates at the base of the wall. John, Andy, Neva, and Jason roofed a porch. Jordan, Shane, and Sonnet did some framing.

-Elizabeth Lanski