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Twenty-third Sunday After Pentecost   
November 12, 2017   

Our Core Values: 
Spiritual Growth. Welcome. Justice-seeking



Reflections for Worship ...  

In the midst of pain, despair, heartache, and sorrow, whether on a personal, communal, local, or global level, we are encouraged to seek and find hope.  In various psalms, the writers pour out their worries, fears, sorrows, and anguish to God, their raw emotions serving as a catalyst for pouring out our own feelings, as a form of therapy for releasing all that weighs us down and burdens us, and as a tool for healing after we have expended ourselves, raging at God, and eventually reorienting ourselves to seek and find the calm, peace, and hope we need.  For example, in Psalm 130, the psalmist wails, "From the bottom of a deep black pit, God, I scream at you!  The walls rise above my head, shutting out the sun.  Can you hear me, God?  I can't get out by own efforts.  I've tried and tried.  I climb part way out, and then I slide back again to the bottom.  Without your help, I'm sunk forever.  ... I shall lie down here in the depths of the pit and wait.  You are my only hope.  I shall wait for you ... I put my hope in you, God."  It can take a long time to go from yelling at God to putting our hope in God.  When our hearts and minds are swirling with strong emotions, it is easy to forget God, and to forget hope.   As we prepare for   Sunday's  worship service and message on hope in hopeless times, I invite you to ponder on the words in Psalm 130 and also on the words in the following quotes I culled from an internet search: "Hope is not pretending that troubles don't exist.  It is the hope that they won't last forever.  That hurts will be healed and difficulties overcome.  That we will be led out of the darkness and into the sunshine" ( www.livelifehappy.com); "A single thread of hope is still a very powerful thing" ( www.thedailyquotes.com).  Incidentally, if you're curious about the paraphrase of Psalm 130, you can find it in  Everyday Psalms  by James Taylor [Winfield, BC, Canada:  Wood Lake Books, Inc., 1994].  I took some liberties with his paraphrase, but the essential message is the same.  I hope to see you   on Sunday  to discuss more in depth the theme of hope! 

--- Rev. Stacy L. Thomas

Also on Sunday    
Our Co-Pastors are away this Sunday. We are blessed to have several ordained and lay folks lead worship in their absence. Many thanks to the Revs. Stacy Thomas and Carolyn Olney for their leadership this Sunday.
Please sign up on Sunday to attend the Thanksgiving Feast on Nov. 19th - let Kim Story or Roberta White know who will be attending and what food you can bring to share. See full article below.  


Worship Leaders   
Rev. Stacy L. Thomas 
Rev. Carolyn Olney  

Ron White
Kathie Arscott
Jeff Levison
Jim Maddox  
Don Hughes 
Pianist & Music Coordinator   
Connie Washburn   
Church School Teachers
We have a combined church school class for children and youth in rm. 232 - the teachers are Roberta White and Neva Orr.  
Church Nursery (for infants - K) :
Jaquelyne Rodriguez/Lu Burd.

Nursery opens at 9 :15 a.m. for early birds and then everyone comes to worship at 10:00 and stays through the Children's  Time and then heads to the nursery with caregivers and parents.   

Nina Kung   
Visit us at:  uccpasadena.org

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In this Edition...

Historical Building Vote
Stewardship Season
Flower Chart Sign Up
Thanksgiving Feast
Aid Africa Fall Celebration 11/04  

Save the Dates:
Annual Thanksgiving Feast - Sunday Nov. 19th
Stewardship In-Gathering of Pledges - Sunday Nov. 19th
Advent Festival and Cookie Swap - Sunday Dec. 3rd
Church School Christmas Pageant/potluck - Sunday Dec. 17th
Christmas Eve Candlelight Service - Sunday Dec. 24th at 5 p.m.

Building Vote Nov 5th

On Sunday Nov. 5th our church community voted to approve the sale of our church building. 94.4% of those present voted to approve the sale. Details will be forthcoming over the next year about the details of the sale. There was a lot of excitement present on Sunday for the future that is unfolding for us as we embark on this new journey in our life as a church community. We are truly stepping out in faith as God's people! The sale will be finalized in mid January. We will be in the building throughout 2018 as we look for a new home.   
                   Members of Council tallied the vote and announced the results!

  Church folks wore their FCC T-shirts on this historic day. If you would like a t-shirt please let Nina know in the church office. We will order a new batch if we have at least 20 orders.
Previous intern AJ Bush (now Rev. Bush who serves a United Methodist Church in  Gillette Wyoming!) was present on Sunday to offer her beautiful cello music. 

Stewardship Season is Upon us!

Each year we ask all FCC members and friends to fill out a pledge card of support for the work and ministry of our church in the coming year. This year our in-gathering of pledges will take place on Sunday Nov. 19th (our Feast day). You will be hearing witnesses over the next few weeks as a few folks share why they are involved so faithfully in our church community. You will also be receiving a letter from our Moderator Elizabeth Lanski and a letter and pledge card from our Co-Pastors in advance of the in-gathering. We invite you to bring your pledge cards on Nov. 19th or send them into the church office in advance. Many thanks in advance for those who support our church's ministry with your commitments financially and personally.
Flower Chart
We have the following openings to bring flower or "flour" for Sunday worship (Dates that are open: 12/3, 12/10,12/24, 12/31). If you sign up and give Nina $40 a beautiful live bouquet will be ordered for you. Or you may opt for the "flour" option which means that your $40 donation will be sent to a local hunger organization (LA Regional Food Bank) in your name and our wheat display will be on the altar. Please let Nina know when you sign up which option you would like.
Mark your calendars for November 19th to attend
the Annual FCC Thanksgiving Feast
 You, your family and friends are invited to attend the Annual FCC Thanksgiving Feast in the church parlors on Sunday, November 19 at 11:45 am. For almost fifty years FCC has held a Thanksgiving Feast for our church community, on the Sunday prior to the Thanksgiving holiday. Following our worship service we will have coffee, tea, and lemonade available in the east parlor. Fair Trade Coffee, Tea, and Chocolates will be available for purchase, and Aid Africa, our mission partner, will have items for sale to support their ministry in Uganda.
Connie Washburn has special music planned during worship that day and Judi Tyler will be doing a Thanksgiving craft for the children after the meal.
The event gives everyone a chance to enjoy a traditional Thanksgiving meal and spend relaxed time together over good food and company. We serve a turkey dinner, with stuffing, gravy, rolls, cranberries and beverages. To complete the meal, please bring a vegetable, salad or dessert to serve 8. Kim Story will be taking reservations and signups for food after church on Sunday, November 12. You can also make a reservation with Nina at the church office.
Aid Africa Fundraising Event Held Nov 4th

Over 40 folks gathering at the Museum of African American Art in LA for the Annual Aid Africa Fund -Raiser. The event featured the work of artist YoYo Lander (all painting below are her work). Folks were able to hear of the ongoing work of Aid Africa. Church Member Peter Keller is the Executive Director of this wonderful organization that works in northern Uganda. Aid Africa is a mission partner with FCC Pasadena. If you wish to learn more about them, or would like to make a donation, please visit their website at aidafrica.net