April 11, 2018
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Your Weekly eCOGS
This Thursday our own Pat Fahey will be a storyteller at The Hearth. It would be great if you would attend. It's at 7pm at Bethany Presbyterian Church. Don't forget - Thursday, April 12th. Here's a link to the Hearth website:

Tim Howe
Ben Smith
Song & Pledge
Chris Matthews
Julie Thomas
Sergeant at Arms
Chris Mecca
Events happening with our club
April 17 - Board Meeting Meetings begin at 5:45pm and are held at the Chamber of Commerce conference room
Date to be determined - Fireside
April 28 - Rotary Invitational Track Meet
Today's Program
Four Way Speech Contest
Each year Rotary clubs throughout the districts have high school students compete in a speech contest with the FourWay test as the main theme. Today we will hear from the finalists from our area. The winner will go on to compete in the District Conference FourWay speech contest. Winners receive monetary prizes.
Track Meet Day:  SATURDAY, APRIL 28 at GPHS.
8:30 a.m.  free coffee & continental breakfast
9:45 a.m.  volunteers need to be at their stations
10:00 a.m.  field events begin
10:30 a.m.  running events begin
We encourage you to purchase lunch at one of the on-site vendors in support of the event. 
VOLUNTEERS NEEDED . Watch for the sign up sheets at Rotary Club meetings. 
Questions? Contact Bob Sitov at  sitandal@yahoo.com

Funds earned from banner sponsors go directly to the GPHS Track Program. It's $125 to have your business banner displayed at the track meet all day in front of hundreds of people. You can also make a monetary donation (without a banner to hang) which will go to the track program along with all of the banner fees. For more information contact Richard Acosta at  racosta58@outlook.com  or call 805-404-2925.
Meira Rice
is an eighth grade student at
North Middle School
Her parents are Robert Rice and Noelle Hare
Meira will be introduced by her principal Tommy Blanchard
We will be hosting the Group Study Exchange team from Guatemala on May 1-4. We will need host families for this five member team for their three night, four day stay with us. We also can use some volunteers to drive them to different local activities. Please contact Peter Angstadt, 541-441-9051, if you are interested in participating.
Peace Building - Rotary Style
Dear colleagues in Rotary service,

Peace touches nearly everything we do in Rotary.

Peace has been at the core of our organization since its earliest days, before World War I. Rotarians added the “advancement of international peace and goodwill” to our guiding principles at the 1921 convention in Edinburgh, Scotland. At our convention in Havana, Cuba, in 1940, we adopted a resolution calling for “freedom, justice, truth, sanctity of the pledged word and respect for human rights” — principles that became the framework for the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948. 

Rotarians were in London when the seeds were sown for what became UNESCO after WWII. And in 1945, Rotarians participated in the conference in San Francisco, California, USA, when the UN charter was written, perhaps one of the most important meetings of the 20th century.

Our Rotary Foundation today works through our six areas of focus to serve as a catalyst for realizing a dream of a more peaceful world. Promoting peace is itself one of these areas, and our thriving Rotary Peace Centers, which annually train up to 100 of the next generation of peacemakers, are a testament to this commitment. Throughout the world, Rotary Peacebuilder Districts donate either $25,000 in Districted Designated Funds each year or $50,000 every other year to support the Rotary Peace Centers.

Through our other areas of focus, too, we work toward peace. By fighting diseases like polio, we are leading the way to a future with healthier, more stable communities. Providing clean water, sanitation, and hygiene promotes peace by reducing water disputes and enhancing a community’s food security. 

Our Foundation’s grants support mobile health clinics, breastfeeding programs, and other projects that help mothers and children. In doing so they build stability in families, ultimately fostering a more peaceful society.

Supporting education fosters peace and civility by expanding intellectual capacity, opening minds, and exposing students to alternatives to violence. Enterprise thrives in peaceful communities, which is why Rotarians apply their expertise to grow local economies by organizing microloans and entrepreneurship, among other initiatives. 

In these and countless other ways, we lead toward peace, partnering with fellow Rotarians and others from around the globe to develop meaningful, sustainable projects that will have a significant impact for our communities.  

As you go about your Rotary work and plan your projects, take pride in the fact that, as Rotarians, we are all ambassadors of peace and understanding. 

Thank you all for your amazing dedication!

Paul A. Netzel
Chair, The Rotary Foundation 2017-18

P.S. I challenge you to work with your district team to support our Rotary Peace Centers: Recruit qualified candidates for Rotary Peace Fellowships, and become a Peacebuilder District to fund the centers that will train them to make our world more peaceful for all.
Other clubs in the area
(for visits and makeups)
Rogue Gateway 
Thursday at noon
Wild River Pub 
Greater Grants Pass 
Fridays at 7:00 am
Tap Rock Grill 
Illinois Valley  
Tuesdays at noon
Wild River Brewing
Cave Junction 
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Programs coming up

April 11
Fourway Speech Contest
April 18
April 25
Track Meet and Polio Plus
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