February 7, 2018
President Cynthia Harelson & Pinch
RI President 
HS Riseley
District 5110 
District Governor 
Claudette McWilliams
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We had a blue moon and an eclipse. It was even clear enough around here to see it - for anyone who got up that early. Now we're having amazing weather.

Sandy Puntney and Joy Donohue
Song & Pledge
Lily Morgan
Jim Boston
Sergeant at Arms
Rob Brandes
Events happening with our club

February 20 - Board Meeting
April 25 - Rotary Fireside
April 28 - Rotary Invitational Track Meet
Today's student is
Devan Foster
Devan is a fifth grade student
at Parkside Elementary
Her parents are Charlene and Stephen Foster
Devan will be introduced by her principal Rob Lewis
Today's Program
by Nancy Clark

Nancy Clark is the Director of    Forbes WomensMedia , CEO of  PositivityDaily , and author of   The Positive Journal. After studying physics at Berkeley, she started out in rocket science with NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory and then computer technology for the University of California.
For the last 18 years she’s been providing the latest information, backed by research, to help working women succeed in business.
When the field of positive psychology started in 1998, she realized there was scientific proof that the brain can be changed and that happiness and fulfillment can be increased. She began presenting this information to her audience on the internet. Forbes recognized her contribution and she was honored to be named Director of ForbesWomensMedia, the first channel of Women At Forbes.
She enjoys teaching people how they can quickly become happier, especially using those counter intuitive tricks that recent research has proven really work. Her book and ideas are for everyone - not just women. She says, "About 60 percent of our attitude is dictated by life situations, childhood, genetics. But you can improve your happiness level 40 percent, It's scientifically possible to rewire your brain."
Nancy moved to Grants Pass two years ago with her husband of 47 years, and says the book is just a tool to help people develop habits for moving in a positive direction. But it's not essential to long-term happiness.

This year's grant application is now available. CLICK HERE to download the document. The deadline is March 31, 2018. You can also wait until next week and we will have a fillable document for you instead of this one. Your choice.
Other clubs in the area
(for visits and makeups)
Rogue Gateway 
Thursday at noon
Wild River Pub 
Greater Grants Pass 
Fridays at 7:00 am
Tap Rock Grill 
Illinois Valley  
Tuesdays at noon
Wild River Brewing
Cave Junction 
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Programs coming up
February 14
Fifth Grade Field Trips to the museum and 35,000 years of art history in 15 minutes! Kristen O'Neill and Hyla
February 21
Catherine Healy and William Brust
February 28
In and Out Burger
Manager John Ford
If you have a new person who you think would make a good member of our club - you can download a fillable proposal form by
Once you have filled in the form you can bring it to Secretary Brenda, membership chair Bill Thorp, or President Cynthia.
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This is actually a music video for Quantic - whoever they are? It's cool though - shows the evolution of transportation in a given time in a given city....
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