Dear Parents and Guardians:

As we move into what public health officials are referring to as the "fall spike of the pandemic," we are pleased that Trinity continues to be a safe place. But, as stated in yesterday's newsletter, the COVID-19 transmission across the Chicagoland area as well in the state of Illinois, continues to be concerning. At this time, a considerable percentage of  faculty, staff and students are remote learning/working. Many are responsibly quarantining due to an exposure outside of Trinity, while some students have opted to move to remote learning due to the risk inherent in taking public transportation to school during the area's upswing in cases.

For a diverse array of reasons, the out-of-the building portion of our community has reached a critical mass, with nearly one third of our student and adult population working and learning from home.

It is our intention to make sure that all members of our community are safe, both physically and emotionally. At Trinity we have decided to institute an adaptive pause, a move to full eLearning from Wed. Nov. 18 until Thurs. Dec. 3. The objective of the pause is to allow all Trinity students, along with faculty and staff members, to mitigate any potential exposures that they may have had to COVID-19, and alleviate some of the mental and emotional anxiety that the health experts have warned will contribute to unhealthy outcomes during these difficult times. 

By choosing to do so during this time, only 5 in-person instructional days will be moved to eLearning.

  • Wed. Nov. 18 - Asynchronous eLearning day (no change) 
  • Thurs. and Fri. Nov. 19 and 20 - Synchronous eLearning days  
  • Mon. and Tues. Nov. 23-24 - Synchronous eLearning days  
  • Wed. Nov. 25 to Mon. Nov. 30 - Thanksgiving Break (no change)
  • Tues. Dec. 1 - Synchronous eLearning day 
  • Wed. Dec. 2 - Asynchronous eLearning day (no change)

As a reminder, during synchronous eLearning days, attendance will be taken each period, and to be considered in attendance your child must be on camera and participating. 
  • Period 1: 8:15- 9:05
  • Period 2: 9:15- 10:05
  • Period 4: 10:15- 11:05
  • Period 5: 11:15- 12:05

During these days, the school office will be open from 8am - 3pm daily, and because extra curricular activities take place in much smaller groups, those that choose to continue may do so under strict health screening, mask and social-distancing guidelines, however, choosing to not participate during these days will not be penalized. Coaches will be in touch.

During this time we ask that you follow the basic guidelines from the CDC to prevent COVID-19 exposure.
A high-risk exposure happens when:
  •  You are unmasked,
  •  Within 6 feet of someone,
  •  For 15 minutes or more.

If your Blazer becomes diagnosed with COVID-19 during this eLearning and holiday period, we ask that you still report the case to Rachel Meiner 708-771-8383 or as it is still important for us to track these cases in our community.

Please keep this in the forefront of your mind as you navigate the Thanksgiving holiday, so that we can all return to the building happy and healthy on Thursday, December 3.
Laura M. Curley
Trinity High School | Website