Dante - age 9, Creative Arts Therapy participant, has re-imagined Mercy Home's logo. We like it!

Friend, thanks to you and your partnership, I'm excited to share what a great year we've had. We hosted the largest group of Creative Arts Therapy (CAT); we learned breathing techniques in Yoga Therapy, residents participated in innovative art and music therapy programs, plants and vegetables were planted and harvested in our horticultural therapy program, Plant-Grow-Give, and so much more. 

In September, thanks to an exciting new partnership with the William J. and Dorothy K. O'Neill Foundation, families will be able to learn important stress relief and mindfulness techniques in Mercy Home's Parent Empowerment Workshops. We're looking forward to an even more exciting 2018/2019 CAT session.
Creative Arts Therapy
End of the Year Celebration

The last day of the Creative Arts Therapy program for this year was just a couple of weeks ago and included a room full of smiles. Profiled art pieces were inspired by the work of Henry Matisse and some students re-imagined popular images, including Mercy Home's logo ( see the photos from the day ).

Teaching art has been a compelling way of encouraging young people in our program to express themselves, tell us what they want or prefer, and release energy. For many children, our art and music therapy classes are a safe, creative, and loving environment where their individual strengths and challenges are celebrated. It was a great year and we look forward to seeing them again in September.

Mercy Home's Spring Fundraiser

Mercy Home hosted "An Evening at the Lake" fundraising dinner on June 14th raising much-needed funds for Mercy Home and Plant-Grow-Give. It was a magical evening and we were blessed to be joined by so many friends to celebrate and honor Richard Warren for his work to support Mercy Home and people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

It couldn't have happened without the support and dedication of our leading supporters,  Warren and Warren PC Lamb Insurance Donna and Bob Whiteford Casey McKee , Fran Picone, Central Business Systems Community Care Rx Flag Waterproofing and Restoration  and  Lisa Goldstein and Peter Nosal . Catering was provided by Bon Soir Catering Company.

Thank You Jim Slattery

Mercy Home mourns the recent passing of James Slattery. Jim served as a distinguished member of the board for over 30 years. He was very fond of the agency’s Creative Arts program and was a strong supporter. Mercy Home’s many participants and employees will continue to feel the impact of Jim's involvement and service to the agency for many years to come.

Thank you, James.

On Sunday, July 15th, Mercy Home residents and friends marched in the Fourth Annual Disability Pride Parade in New York City in honor of Disability Pride Month. The day started with rain but quickly cleared up to the delight of everyone in attendance. Franz had a great time and enjoyed watching the marching band and being cheered on by crowds sprinkled along Broadway. The day culminated with a festival celebrating all people's abilities in Union Square Park. Everyone is looking forward to participating in next year's Pride Parade. See the photos .