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October 9, 2015

In Oregon, the Portland Branch honors 100 years of activism, Wisconsin groups unite to unmask the problems with mining fracking sand, Des Moines joins in hosting the Food Sovereignty Award, and California branches gather to share strategies. Mary Hanson Harrison addresses the Portland celebration, and Lamia Sadek meets California members.
Gathering energizes California WILPF

California WILPF members left the September 19 cluster meeting energized to work on state legislation, national issues and connecting with international ideals. Forty-five women from eight branches brought questions, proposals and experience to the gathering hosted by the San Jose Branch.


Honoring stewards of ancestral lands

WILPF Des Moines is helping to host the US Food Sovereignty Assembly October 12-16, 2015, where the Food Sovereignty Prize will be awarded to two grassroots organizations composed of Black and Afro-Indigenous farmers.


Fracking starts here

Few people know fracking requires huge quantities of special sand; nor do we imagine sand mining to be lethal. Surprised citizens in western Wisconsin's Driftless Area are struggling to comprehend the danger and protect against it.  


Oregon branch celebrates peacemakers

A joyous parade along the Walk of Heroines on the Portland State University campus celebrating WILPF leaders led to a program nearby featuring US Section President Mary Hanson Harrison. The Portland OR Branch's centennial event took place Sept. 26.

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