February 11, 2018

9:10 AM Prayer Time :: Prayer Room
9:30 AM Traditional Worship::  Sanctuary
9:30 AM Adult Discipleship Class :: Robins Room
11 AM Contemporary Worship :: SANCTUARY
11 AM Adult Discipleship Class :: Adult Classroom Upstairs

Coffee & Fellowship in Common Grounds between services
This Sunday - February 11


Both the Traditional and Contemporry worship services will be held  in the Sanctuary this Sunday, February 11,  to accommodate our CARITAS guests, who will occupy Patterson.  St. Giles will host CARITAS from  Saturday,  February 10 through Saturday, February 17. Please be in prayer for our CARITAS guests and helpers.

Service for Debbie Anchors
We announced Sunday that we had heard that a memorial service will be held at First Presbyterian Church for Debbie Anchors on Wednesday, (today, as you receive this!) at 1:00 p.m. All are welcome.
Wednesdays During Lent
Lent begins this year on February 14 - Valentine's Day! How fitting, since Lent is about the One who loved us even to the cross! That evening at 7:00 we will have our Ash Wednesday service.
The following Wednesdays through Lent Keith will be teaching a Bible study at 6:30, entitled "Behold the Lamb of God - Jesus' Last Day." All are welcome!
Congregational Meeting Video Available
You may have missed the Congregational Meeting on Sunday, Feb. 4. If so, there is a video available that captures Keith's state of the church address, the election of Elders, and the response to Sarah Marsh Schutte's request to conclude her call. Call or write the church office to request the video link.

Mum's the Word for Sarah Marsh Schutte

 As Sarah Marsh Schutte has shared, she has felt led to move on toward her next   season of ministry, and will conclude her service here at the end of February. She   knows that we're having a reception for her on Sunday, February 25, after late   service - about 12:15.

What she doesn't know is what all we're planning for that last day. And this article won't spill the beans if you don't spill the beans! For thanks to our sneaky office ladies (Patience and Lynn), Sarah and Kevin are getting a different version of this        E-News than you are - one without this article included. So notice the details, but keep the word mum from Sarah and Kevin.

Here's what we're planning:
  • We will have a basket available for you to give Sarah a love gift, or to leave a written card or blessing. If you give cash, fine. If you give a check, it must be made out to Sarah Marsh Schutte, and not to the church, as it will go directly to her.
  • We will have a framed print of St. Giles, with a large matting, on which we'll invite people to sign and offer a brief blessing.
  • We will have a calligraphy version of the resolution adopted at the Congregational Meeting for her.
  • There will be food and music to enjoy together and an opportunity to speak with Sarah and Kevin.
If you have any questions, give Patience a call at the church.

Last week the following letter regarding the departure of Sarah Marsh Schutte was sent to the congregation. At the congregational meeting on Sunday a motion was voted upon to conclude her position at St. Giles. Her letter is just below, and then below the letter is the Resolution adopted by the Congregation in response to her request.

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

I am writing to let you know that I am moving on from my position as Associate Pastor of St. Giles at the end of February.  After consulting with Kevin and much prayer and consideration, we truly believe this is a good time for me to step aside and seek what God has next for our family.  The Session has offered me a severance package which will enable us to focus on this new chapter and make plans for next steps.

For the last several years there has been concern as to whether my position at St. Giles would be ongoing.  As our congregation has gotten smaller, so has our budget.  As the overall budget diminished, the proportion of the budget going to staff salaries has grown.  It has become apparent that there needed to be either a reduction in staff salaries or a reduction in the number of staff to serve a smaller congregation.  The generosity of the St. Giles congregation and their commitments for 2018 enabled the Session to defer making staffing changes, but changes were likely coming, either this year or in the future, and I see the time is right for this transition. 
I once had a colleague tell me that she'd never known a pastor who loved her congregation as much as I love St. Giles.  She had reason to say this.  When God called me to the church in October of 2010, He filled me with a love for you that was clearly a gift from Him.  And then, as I've gotten to know you, that love has only grown.  It has truly been a gift to be your pastor.  Your love for worship, love for one another, eagerness as students of the Bible, and devotion as disciples continue to bless me.  We have seen God move among us, healing hearts and bodies, bringing people to deeper faith in Jesus, and inspiring us in mission.  I've developed as a pastor and grown in the Spirit during this season.  You have supported me through sickness and surgery and abundantly celebrated my recent blessings of marriage and children.   You love our little family.  The love has gone both ways.  The good news is, as God calls me in a new direction and brings St. Giles into a new chapter, this love does not stop.  We'll still be in the area, and we'll still be praying for St. Giles and cheering for you in everything you do to advance the kingdom. 

Though there is sadness as one chapter closes, there is excitement about what is coming.  We are eager to see what God has next, both for the church and for the Schutte family.  We believe God is at work at St. Giles and has many good things yet in store.  We treasure your prayers, just as we treasure you. 

In Christ's Love,  
Pastor Sarah Marsh Schutte
Whereas the Lord has used Rev. Sarah Marsh Schutte to 
faithfully accomplish His work in our midst,
And whereas Sarah has been a faithful shepherd to lead, encourage, 
take care of, watch out for, nurture, rescue, 
and direct the sheep of the St. Giles flock,
And whereas  Sarah has led in humility and truth, fanned the sparks of renewal, 
brought the Word alive   through her preaching and worship leadership, 
and through her leadership of the healing and prayer ministry,
And whereas Sarah's love for Christ, reliance upon the Holy Spirit, 
and compassion for His people  have comforted the sick and distressed,
And whereas Sarah's ministry has brought light where there was darkness and 
given hope and encouragement where there was discouragement,
And whereas Sarah has served the Lord at St. Giles with gladness, faithfulness, 
and with great compassion for His flock, investing in our lives 
in a way that has truly made a difference,
And whereas Sarah has led in kindness, and 
preached the Truth with great love,
And whereas we are so grateful to the Lord that when the Spirit of the Lord asked, 
"Whom shall I send to St. Giles?" Sarah humbly replied, 
"Send Me," just when we needed her most,
And whereas the Lord is now calling Sarah into a new season, 
and we are asking God to bless and keep her safely in His arms as she follows Christ into what he has for her next,
Therefore, with love and gratitude for Sarah's season of ministry here, 
I move that the Covenant Partners of St Giles Presbyterian Church honor 
Rev. Sarah Marsh Schutte's request to dissolve her pastoral relationship with 
St. Giles Presbyterian Church, effective 28 February 2018.

Men to assist UNLOADING & UNPACKING the ladies 
February 10 (12:15 PM)
and PACKING UP & LOADING the ladies February 17 (7:30 AM)

Please contact Walt Hitchcock or Marsha Hitchcock at 592-5017

Join us for Open Fellowship on Thursday February 15.  In honor of President's Day we will have a special presentation on "The President's Wives," hosted by Susan Herring and portrayed by five women of St. Giles.  Learn about more these special women and how they served our nation alongside their husbands. 

Lunch is at 12 noon.  Program begins at 12:45 PM.  

Bring a side dish or dessert to share and be sure to invite a friend. For more information contact Susan Herring, Barbara Robertson, Naomi Allessi or Sarah Marsh Schutte. 

                       Circle of Love
Wednesday, February 7 - 2 PM

A mystery guest portrayed by Susan Herring will visit the Wednesday Circle on February 7. Guess who?
Come and be part of a time of listening and/or sharing God incidences,"God winks," in the life of the  mystery guest and the lives of the women in this special group.

Dinner and Dancing
with  Big Pop
and the Doo-Wops
(formerly the Happy Days Band)

Saturday, February 24 -- 6 PM
$20 per person includes dinner & dance

Sign up on Connection Card, Online, or see one of the Sock Hop Event Team on Sundays and Wednesdays to purchase ticket. 

            International Blessing Basket Raffle
February 25 - $5 || 6/$25
   The Children's Garden Preschool Board has an opportunity  for St. Giles to be a blessing to children locally and internationally.  Filled with items from Kazakhstan, Egypt, Jordan, Israel, China, & Italy. T his International Blessing Basket will be raffled off on February 25. 

Tickets are $5 per ticket or 6 for $25.00. On sale Sundays  February 4 - February 25 and Wednesday Nights January 31 -  February 21. 

Proceeds will be equally divided between CGP and  J127 Caring Heart Ranch in Kazakhstan.  Please make c hecks payable to CGP (Children's Garden Preschool).

Thank you for supporting this project that blesses children locally and internationally.

If you enjoy seeing fresh flowers in the Chancel on Sunday mornings, please consider 
sponsoring a floral spray. You may dedicate the flowers in memory or in honor of loved ones, 
or commemmorate anniversaries and birthdays of family members. 
The arrangements are $65 and are yours to take home after the service. 

Here's an idea -- when you pick up your arrangement, disassemble the florals into several mini-bouquets and take one to a shut-in,  along with a bulletin, after church.

Sign-up Calendar is in the Welcome Center.

Common Good RVA:  March 3

Tickets for Common Good RVA's 2018 conference are now on sale! Andy Crouch, author of Strong and Weak, Playing God, Culture Making, and The Tech-Wise Family, will serve as our keynote in this morning spent exploring this idea: A common good that does no good for the vulnerable is neither common, nor good. We'll meet on Saturday, March 3rd, 8:30 AM to 1:30 PM at Union Presbyterian Seminary (3401 Brook Road). 

Early registration is $15 through February 5; the price goes up to $20 on February 6. Childcare is available for ages 2 and up for $10 per child, but you must register by February 5 to secure a childcare spot. 

To register, please visit    commongoodrva.com.

PRC - Metro Richmond Pregnancy Center
Items needed for FEBRUARY

WINTER MATERNITY Clothing - X-Large & Plus Sizes - Especially Pants or Leggings - ONLY Maternity items can be Used.

* Baby Gowns - Boys
* Bibs
* Bottles - 4oz & 8 oz- Neutral
* Diapers- Sizes NB & 1
* Onesies Boys, Girls & Neutral colors- 0-3 Months, 3-6 months
* Receiving blankets
* Toiletries (Baby Bath, Oil, Powder & Wash)
* Towels & Washcloths (OUT)
* Vaseline/ Diaper Cream
* Wipes (Please - individual packs )
* LAUNDRY BASKETS from Dollar Tree to Make a Beautiful Layette presentation

Maxi Pads, Deodorant & Body Wash

Due to ever changing safety regulations and recalls, we are only able to accept NEW items.

Please place donated items in the bin outside the Church Office.

Children's Garden Preschool is now accepting 
applications for the fall of 2018. 
Please contact Susan Chester at  childrensgardenpreschool1@gmail.com
 with questions or to request a tour.



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