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We'd like you to star in our CMN Promo Video!
The Children's Music Network is making a promo video, and we'd like to feature you! Have you seen those internet videos where people around the world all sing pieces of the same song and it's put together in one cool video? Well, that's what we're going to do.
This will be a collaborative project showcasing the talents of CMN members across the country and beyond. If you're coming to the CMN conference in Hyannis in October, we can shoot video and record audio of some people there, but we are very interested in getting a wide variety of backgrounds (mountains, cities, playgrounds, music rooms, fields of flowers, tunnels...anything visually interesting), so we encourage you to shoot in your home background.

For more information, see the e-mail sent on 7/27 or contact Alice Burba.   

CMN Members: Don't forget to cast your vote for the 2017-2018 Board of Directors

We've got a a great slate to augment our current BOD. Don't forget to cast your ballots! HERE'S THE LINK

Social Media Corner

Hello everyone!

Twitter can be a great way to get in touch with organizations or individuals you admire. Due to the public nature of the platform, everyone can see what everyone else is saying or thinking. For this reason, organizations are much more likely to respond. This can be useful if you have a customer service problem with a company, but it can also make it easy to bring things to others' attention. For example, do you love Eric Litwin's new series on the Nut Family? Tell him so on Twitter! Do you think Musicians Without Borders is doing good work or could use your help in some way? Let them know. You'd be surprised how many of your tweets will be answered, and a few might even start a valuable conversation.

This year's Conference hashtag is #cmnsings2017. Whenever you share on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram about the Conference, be sure to use our hashtag! And send a Facebook evite to all your friends.

See you there. #cannotwait
The CMN Blog is always looking for guest contributors! If you have an idea you'd like to share and write about, e-mail Jessica 
Jessica "Culture Queen"  Hebron (

E-mail Lily any great articles or events we should share on Facebook.

Lily Emerson (
Regional News 

Great time was had by all at the summer gathering. READ ALL ABOUT IT!

New England 
We can't wait for the 2017 Annual International Conference in Hyannis, MA, October 13-15, as well as events scheduled throughout the year. CHECK IT OUT

New York Metro 
Save the date: September 22-23 Regional Gathering. CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS  

Spotlight on Our Business Sponsors  

We encourage you to read about our Business sponsors, visit their sites, and if you ever have the opportunity, thank them for supporting the work of the Children's Music Network. We are very grateful for their support! Each month we highlight one or two of our sponsors.  

This month we feature our long-term partner and Gold Business sponsor, Music Together®

Music Together® is an internationally recognized music and movement program for babies, toddlers, preschoolers, and the grownups who love them. Founded in 1987, the curriculum is now taught in family classes, schools, and therapeutic settings in over 3,000 communities around the world. Find out more about class types and teacher trainings at
    And long-time Member and Silver Sponsor, Susan Salidor    
SUSAN SALIDOR: Music for children and those that love them!  
Check our her videos, CDs, and more at 
    Merit School of Music