Murwood Elementary

  Wednesday , March 29, 2017


30 Auction Winner Pick-up - 2-3:30 PM

3-7 Spring Break - No School
14 Walk-a-Thon
18 PTA Meeting and Annual Election - 7 PM in the Library
24 Governing Board Meeting - 7 PM at the District Office
26 MAC Meeting - 4:30 PM in the MMR
28 2017 Spring Concert and Picnic - 6:30 PM on the baseball field
Principal's Message


Congratulations to Aleesha, our 5th grade Murwood Spelling Bee champ! She participated in the County Spelling Bee and finished twenty-sixth, a very respectable showing.  We are proud of you for representing us so well, Aleesha!
Thanks to Shelden Hyde, Amy Mason, and all our hard working volunteers for the beautiful Auction for Education.  My warmest thanks to all who donated to Fund-A-Need.  We will be showcasing Arts for All again next year, thanks to your generosity!  Speaking of Arts for All, we will all enjoy the play "Robin Hood" this Friday.
Finally, we will have Murwood's first Diverse Ability Awareness Day here tomorrow.  This day is dedicated to building empathy for all students who may look or  feel different or experience a challenge with learning at some point in their educational career.  Our goal is to allow all children to experience some frustration, as someone with Special Needs might do, in the area of vision, motor skills, hearing, reading, visual processing, auditory processing, autism, allergies, or  epilepsy.
We will begin the day with an all school assembly to explain the purpose of the day. This program, which originated in San Ramon's Special Needs Committee, was created to increase empathy among children for those who need to be accepted by their peers, to have friends to include them, say hello,  and ask them to join playground games.  The goal is to teach students that everyone learns differently, and that it is okay to be challenged in one area or another and that the common goal is that we all need respect, acceptance, and inclusion.
To prepare for this, we have ordered some new books on children with different abilities that our librarian is reading this week.  We also have different grade level activities in each classroom TK-5 that will allow children to experience some frustration with not being able to master an activity that might be easy for someone else.  The hope is that by experiencing frustration, students will develop the empathy toward others.

Carol Nenni
Murwood Principal
From the Office
Reminder that there will be NO SCHOOL next week, 3rd-7th April.  Enjoy your Spring Break and we'll see you back on the 10th!!
From the PTA President
It was so nice to see so many of you come out and support our amazing school on Saturday night at the Auction.  The auction was a huge success and as I said on Saturday night it would not have been possible without the support of you our school community.  A HUGE THANK YOU goes out to Amy Mason and Shelden Hyde.  They spent countless hours planning the event, organizing parties, procuring donations and the list goes on.  When you see them take a moment to THANK them for all they have done for our school community.  

We had many awesome volunteers that I would like to thank too...Andrea Slavet, Dana Neitz, Dawn Greenaway, Lisa Schmitt, Jamie O'Reilly, Nina Voss, Renee Hiles, Michelle Meyers, Lyn Hirahara, Heather Houston, and Dave Mason.  As you can see, there is a lot of man power behind the event and we are appreciative of those who stepped up and helped.

Don't forget you can pick up your items this Thursday after school.

You will not want to miss our next PTA meeting, we will be nominating our next year's board on April 18th.  I hope to see you all there.

Enjoy your Spring Break!

Danielle Scheg
PTA President
Auction For Education
Thank you, thank you, thank you!  Our event was a terrific success.  We have nearly reached our fund-raising goal.  As we close the books on the auction soon, we remind you that it is not TOO late to buy in to several sign-up parties. We will have a board outside the MPR for the next week or so to fill any and all remaining spots. We have a few spots for the Hike-a-Palooza, Bags and Brew, Mom's Happy Hour, and even the Daddy-Daughter Dance.  There are also shopping parties including Ivivva, and Kendra Scott. Don't Miss your Chance to be at Theae Amazing Events!  PTA's Fund-a-Need and its program, "Arts for All" are still open to receive donation too!  Please donate if you can.

Auction winnings:  Please come by the Murwood MPR on Thursday after school to collect your winnings. We will be distributing items from 2:00- 3:15.
PTA Executive Board 2017-2018
We are actively looking to fill our Treasurer position for next year. If you or someone you know is great with numbers, please reach out to Dana Neitz at  or cell: 925-787-3454.  

We will hold our annual meeting and election of officers on April 18 at 7pm in the Murwood Library.  Please join us!   
Spring Music Concert
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April 20, 2017

Contact Valerie Gryfakis at  or 415-310-1370.
Keyspot Summer Camp
Keyspot Summer Camp registration begins April 1st
Camp begins June 12 and ends August 18 

Camp Keyspot enrollees will spend their summer immersed in opportunities for cooperative learning with old friends and new. Weekly field trips, along with two swim days, are going to keep even the most active campers engaged and content.

Camp Fees:
Camp fees are all inclusive after registration is paid.
Full Week
$315 if registered and scheduled by 6/1/2017
$280 for Week 4 (4 day week)
$350 Week 8 
$350 for all new registration and schedule changes received after 6/1/2017
Full Days
MON $75/TUE $80/WED $125/THU $80/FRI $75
$150 for 8/3/2017
Half Days
AM= 8:30 am to 12:30 pm/ PM=12:30 am to 4:30 pm
Monday AM or PM: $50/ Tuesday AM: $50 PM: $55/ Thursday AM: $50 PM: $55/ Friday AM or PM: $50

Murwood Keyspot
2050 Vanderslice Ave.
Walnut Creek, CA 94596
(925) 932-8118
CA State LIC #070213231

Cashometer Update 
After our WCEF board meeting last week, we get to move our cashometers up to $800,000. And while we're glad to share our progress, we need to ask for your help. We are fast approaching the end of the year and we are still short of our goal. We're drawing up plans for next year's budget and we want to be sure we are able to continue to fund all our programs. Won't you help today?
Please visit our website at and click on the Donate Now button.
Mark your calendars for our April Dine Out event
Wednesday, April 19, Mooyah will be hosting our Dine Out For WCEF night from noon to 9:00 pm .

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