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Parshas Ki Savo
18 Elul, 5777
   September 8-9, 2017
Shalom and hello everyone! I hope you are doing well.

We welcome back all members and friends of Ohav Sholom, vacationing and jet setting around the world over the Labor Day weekend and throughout the summer! Now it's back to shul, work... and school.

We wish the many talmidim and talmidos of our shul and community much success in all their studies! May you all make remarkable progress and succeed beyond your parents' (low) expectations.

A belated 85th Happy Birthday to our dear David Goldstick ! This is a remarkable milestone and a well deserved achievement for our David who faithfully attends our shacharis minyan and is a fixture at Riverside Park where he brings boundless love and artistry to making our park a thing of beauty. May David enjoy many, many, more birthdays together with his twin sister Janet de Winter , in good health and wonderful spirit! Amen.

Now that we all back home, please find time to visit the elder statesman of Ohav Sholom and the West Side community, Sol Rosenkranz and Danny Lieberman .

I am proud of the fact that many OS members regularly visit to help with tefillin and so much more. This past week I visited both and blew shofar for Danny. Wow, was he happy!

Please consider visiting these wonderful tzaddikim both weekdays and on shabbos. We also recognize that Sol and Danny will turn 100 and 92, respectively, this year, iy"h! Tiskel l'mitzvos in advance!
Next Tuesday evening at 7:30pm, please join me for a special shiur on Hilchos Rosh Hashanah. A delicious complimentary dinner will be served and all the men and women of our community are invited.


Join us for a hearty and delicious gala hot kiddush this shabbos. We are still in need of a sponsor , so please see me directly in shul to grab this important mitzvah!


On behalf of Ohav Sholom, I want to thank our summer intern Jeremy Perlow , for a fantastic job running the daily and shabbos minyan along with delivering excellent classes and sermons.

It was a pleasure getting acquainted with him and I am proud to call Jeremy a good chaver. I am grateful Jeremy steered our shul on the highest level of Torah and middos during the summer and his stewardship provided much stability to our beloved shul.

I wish Jeremy much success in rabbinics and more and know that a very bright future awaits him.

Have a wonderful shabbos!

See you in shul,

Rabbi Aaron D. Mehlman
Erev shabbos kodesh ki savo - 18 Elul, 5777
Shabbos Timetable
Erev Shabbos Kodesh, Parshas Ki Savo

Candle Lighting 6:58 pm
Mincha/Kabbolas Shabbos
7:10 pm

Shabbos Kodesh, Parshas Ki Savo

9:00 am
Gala Hot Kiddush 
11:30 am
Mishna Brura/Pirkei Avos Shiur
6:35 pm
Mincha 6:55 pm
Daf Yomi  (Sanhedrin)

Maariv/Shabbos ends 7:56 pm
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