Parshas Noach 5778
Rosh Chodesh Cheshvan 5778
October 21-22, 2017
Shalom and hello everyone! I hope you are doing well. This will mark the first “normal” week back to regular shul programming, post yomim tovim!

Please join us this shabbos parshas Noach for special rosh chodesh davening in honor of rosh chodesh mar cheshvan !

What marvelous “second days” enjoyed at Ohav Sholom! Big crowds, spirited dancing at hakafos, both night and day, delicious kiddushin on shemini atzeres and shabbos bereishis and our famously decadent simchas Torah luncheon, all enjoyed l’shem mitzvah

We thank our luncheon sponsor, Jesse and Isadore Hecht , for generously providing - as they always do - enjoyment and simchas yontiv for hundreds of Jews! May Hashem reward this remarkable family with simcha and nachas for many years to come. 

A big yasher koach to our special baalei kriah over yontif, Jeremy Sanders for an outstanding job over the last days of yontif and Rabbi Mordechai Katz and my esteemed son in law, Yoel Shapiro , for their excellent performance reading parshas bereishis.

Thanks to all who planned, organized, participated, danced, and celebrated with our shul on simchas Torah! A true kavod haTorah! May Hashem bless us with many decades of true simchas Torah in our lives. Amen. 
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Thank you to our generous gala kiddush sponsors, Elliot and Deborah Gibber , in memory of Elliot’s grandfather, Aryeh Leib Ben Ahron, z”l. May the neshama enjoy an aliyah in gan eden! Amen.
"נח איש צדיק" - “Noach was a righteous man…”

Commentators question why the word איש is used here and not simply state that Noach היה , was, righteous?

We may suggest that the Torah wishes to emphasize that Noach was skilled in interpersonal relationships and excelled in righteousness “between man and man.” This unique characteristic is underscored by the word איש ! Noach was truly righteous in אֶנוֹשִׁיוּת , humanity.

It is then puzzling that Hashem chose Noach to protect and nurture the surviving animals from the flood. Noach’s specialty was limited to human interaction, what indication was there he would be an able steward to save the world’s animal population?

The answer is that if a one demonstrates excellent middos, high morals and impeccable character to people , it stands to reason he is at the core a compassionate and sensitive person - without discrimination, and thus qualified and extremely capable of saving the world!

This idea meshes with what the Talmud teaches, “Kol Hamerachem al habrios merachamim alav min hashamayim - whoever has mercy on another, in heaven, they will have mercy on him!” (Shabbos 151b)

Ohav Sholom wishes a big refuah shleimah to our own Treasurer, Robert Marcus , who was injured during hakafos, in Israel over the chag. Unfortunately, Robert’s serious foot/leg injury was sustained during spirited dancing on simchas Torah.

In that merit, may his subsequent surgery in the States and recovery period to follow be quick and complete. Amen. 

Over simchas Torah we helped raise funds for Ohav Sholom during special auctions. Please remember to redeem them as soon as possible! We rely on these donations to operate the shul. Thank you and tiskel l’mitzvos !

Have a wonderful shabbos and a great chodesh!

See you in shul,

Rabbi Aaron D. Mehlman
Erev shabbos kodesh noach, rosh chodesh mar-cheshvan 5778
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