Parshas Sh'lach
June 8-9, 2018
Shalom and hello everyone! I hope you are doing well.

Join us this shabbos mevorchim for special tefilos in honor of the new upcoming Jewish month of Tamuz.

Aside from rosh chodesh next week on Wednesday and Thursday (shachris 7:00 am) the month of Tamuz launches the “ three weeks ” - a period of national mourning for the destruction of the battei mikdash and other Jewish tragedies.

Thank you to Cyrus and Sarra Schwartz for sponsoring last week’s super gala kiddush in honor of the recent Bar Mitzvah of their dear son, Jeremiah Max (Mendel) Schwartz !

Jeremiah’s outstanding Bar Mitzvah was celebrated in Newport, Rhode Island, in America’s oldest shul, Touro Synagogue. He did a marvelous job reading the Torah and we are so proud of him. May your parents enjoy much nachas from you for 120 happy and healthy years! Amen.

This week’s super gala kiddush is co sponsored by Ken and Marcie Cappell and Elliot and Deborah Gibber , in honor of Ken (and his amazing Dad, Israel,) presenting a magnificent 110 year old sefer Torah on loan to Congregation Ohav Sholom.
This gorgeous sefer was written in Mr. Israel Kappel’s hometown of Lodz, Poland, carefully hidden during the holocaust and expertly preserved until today.

Come see the crisp, elegant writing, artistic acorn carvings, silver rimming, mother of pearl artwork and exquisite wood handles of a Torah a century old! We will use the sefer this shabbos and iy”h celebrate again - on a future shabbos with Mr. Israel Kappel in attendance. Join us!

 Graduation Kiddush

If there is a graduate in your family join our special super gala celebratory kiddush in their honor NEXT SHABBOS, June 16th, shabbos parshas korach. Visit our website at to sign up now!

Annual Dinner Reminder
Look to your mail for an exclusive invitation and details about our exciting upcoming annual dinner to be held on June 26th, 2018, at the Jewish Center.

We will honor the legacy of legendary Gabbai Danny Lieberman, z”l , and salute our indefatigable “Steward of Ohav Sholom” , Ira Streitfeld . Please make your reservation(s) today!

Have a wonderful shabbos!

See you in shul,

Rabbi Aaron D. Mehlman
Erev shabbos kodesh shelach - mevorchim Tamuz 5778
Shabbos TimeTable
Erev Shabbos Kodesh, Parshas Sh'lach
Friday, June 8, 2018
Mincha/Kabbalos Shabbos 6:45 PM
Early Candle lighting 6:52 PM
Candle lighting 8:07 PM

Shabbos Kodesh, Parshas Sh'lach
Saturday, June 9, 2018
Shachris 9:00 AM
Mishna Brura Shiur 7:55 PM
Mincha 8:05 PM
Daf Yomi - mesechta zevachim
Maariv / Shabbos ends 9:17 PM
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