Parshas Vayishlach 5778
December 1-2, 2017
Shalom and hello everyone! I hope you are doing well.

Thank you to our wonderful guest speaker last shabbos, Ari Afilalo , who delivered shabbos morning drasha!

His message was both timely - and sobering, describing the current dire situation facing Jews in France and what their options are. Ari cleverly tied this vital topic to the parsha and drew both direction and inspiration for our fellow French brothers and sisters facing difficult choices.

 A big yasher koach to both Charles Hoffman for his eloquent and incisive divrei Torah on Friday night and to Saul Lubetzki for his masterful daf shiur presented on shabbos afternoon.
Erev Shabbos Kodesh, Parshas Vayishlach
Friday, December 1, 2017
Candle lighting 4:10 PM
Mincha/Kabbalos Shabbos 4:20 PM
Mix N Match Friday night dinner 5:30 PM

Shabbos Kodesh, Parshas Vishlach
Saturday, December 2, 2017
Shachris 9:00 AM
Sof Z'man Krias Shemah 9:23 AM
Mishna Brura shiur 4:00 PM
Mincha 4:10 PM
Daf Yomi - mesechta shavuos
Maariv / end of Shabbos 5:14 PM

We look forward to an amazing evening of fun and “ tachlis ” when Ohav Sholom features our famous annual Mix and Match Singles Friday Night Dinner , tomorrow night!

Sorry , WE ARE SOLD OUT! We apologize that we cannot accept any more reservations.

This important social event will feature mouthwatering delicious food in an elegant setting and amateur shadchanim and professional tummelers will be present as well, to help mix things up.

The hilarious actor and comedian Mike Fine will be in the house! Bring your wit, sense of impropriety and a clean change of clothing. Please sign the Ohav Sholom legal waiver for “bruised ego and deflated self esteem” before the onset of shabbos, online, on our website.  

A big yasher koach and mazel tov to Ohav Sholom’s daf yomi chaburah upon completion of mesechta makkos this past Wednesday!

Today is the first page of mesechta shavuos (oaths) and we invite YOU to join us this shabbos afternoon between mincha and maariv as we plunge into this riveting tractate. 
Thank you to our generous super gala kiddush sponsors, Dr. Martin Epstein , in honor of his father’s yahrtzeit, Yitzchak Shaul ben Mordechai , z”l , and Dr. Barry and Caryn Pomerantz , in honor of Barry’s mother’s yahrtzeit, Miriam Pomerantz , Miriam bas Yaakov Tzvi, a”h .

May both neshamos enjoy an aliyah in gan eden! Amen. 
In the winter months, the words v’tein tal u’matar libracha (send dew and rain for a blessing) are inserted in Shemoneh Esrei, in the bracha “ birkas hashanim .”

Outside of Israel, we start saying the request for dew and rain at Maariv on the sixtieth day after the autumnal equinox, which is typically the fifth of December. Thus the night before , on December 4th, at maariv, we insert v’tein tal u’matar libracha.”

Have a wonderful shabbos!

See you in shul,

Rabbi Aaron D. Mehlman
Erev shabbos kodesh vayishlach 5778
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