Shemini Atzeres - Simchas Torah
Shabbos Parshas Bereishis
October 11-14, 2017
22-24 Tishrei, 5778
Yom Tov TimeTable

Hoshana Raba - Wednesday, October 11
Candle Lighting  
 6:03 pm  
Mincha/Kabbalos Yom Tov
 6:10 pm 
Shemini Atzeres - Thursday, October 12
 9:00 am 
Yizkor 11:00 am
Mincha  6:00 pm 
Candle Lighting - AFTER
  7:01 pm 
Hakafos  7:15 pm
Simchas Torah - Friday, October 13
erev Shabbos
 9:00 am 
10:00 am
 6:10 pm
Candle Lighting 
 6:00 pm 
Shabbos kodesh Parshas Bereishis
 9:00 am 
Mishna Brurah Shiur
 5:45 pm
 5:55 pm
Maariv/Shabbos Ends  6:58 pm


SHALOM    and hello everyone!  I hope you are doing well.

For those who joined us for the first days of the chag, you know firsthand how special and inspiring the davening at Ohav Sholom were!
Thanks to a full crowd complete with guests and dignitaries alike, including the distinguished Rav Teitz, Rabbi emeritus of the prestigious kehillah in Elizabeth, N.J., who joined us for every single tefila and shiur! It was a great honor.
A big yasher koach to our baalei tefila, kriah, gabbaim and more, who did an outstanding job leading the shul throughout the chagim in the most efficient and dignified way.


We look forward to the second days of yom tov which include hoshana rabbah, shemini atzeres and simchas torah.
The sefarim tell us that these three days in particular afford a Jew the opportunity to reach new spiritual heights and serve as tikun for tefilos throughout the year which were subpar in nature or lacked a minyan.
On simchas torah in particular, the joy we demonstrate when dancing with the torah enables us to accomplish great things in our learning, in the coming year.
No less a luminary than the Arizal noted that his own success in ruchnius was a result of and in direct proportion to his dancing and joy he experienced on simchas torah.
Please join us for Ohav Sholom's world famous leibedike hakafos and our super gala over the top kiddush-luncheon immediately following davening!
We thank our illustrious chasanim, board member Andy BloomChasan Torah, Gabbai Ray KarlinChasan Bereishis, and Jesse and Isadora Hecht (sponsoring in memory and commemoration of Jesse's dear mother's yahrtzeit.)
We welcome all men to receive an aliyah and the men, women, and children of our community to give honor to the Torah by joining hakafos both night and day (along with delicious cakes and kugel served throughout - catered by the famous Ostrovitsky Bakery of Brooklyn!) and the elegant seudas mitzvah to follow on simchas Torah morning.
Please remember that due to security and space constraints our luncheon is reserved for members and friends who daven and dance hakafos with Ohav Sholom. 
Super Gala Kiddush

Ohav Sholom is thrilled to announce the engagement of our board member Andy Bloom and his kallah Aviva Fistel! Join Andy and Aviva as they celebrate their engagement with a super-duper gala kiddush on this upcoming shabbos, Parshas Bereishis, at Ohav Sholom.
This amazing kiddush will also be co sponsored by Dr Barry and Caryn Pomerantz, in memory of Barry's father's yahrtzeit, Charles Pomerantz, Gedalia ben Boruch Mordechai, z"l. May his neshama enjoy an aliyah in gan eden! 

Join our guest chazan, Sam "Bodi" Bodenheim, as he leads davening on leil shemini atzeres and for shabbos morning, shabbos bereishis! All are encouraged to come, daven, sing and enjoy the gala kiddush to follow. Enjoy!

Have a great yomtov!
See you in shul and at the hakafos,
Rabbi Aaron D. Mehlman
Erev yomtov shemini atzeres/simchas Torah 5778

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