Issue: # 95
April 2016
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5X Magnification, very handy.  Use as a promotional item

No Fuel, No Flame, Safe and effective. Pocket sized, Free Tinder Pack 
Small Folding Knife
Stainless Steel, Very compact, handy tool.  First shipment, more on the way, 

Cobra Weave Belts
  Stylish Belts woven of 550 Paracord.  Unwraveled paracord can be used in survival sitations. 


Spring Clip, magnet base, 360 rotation bright - very useful


Single dose aspirins, ointments, antiseptics, and first aid kit refills for 
pennies a piece.   Customers buy thousands of packs annually.
Top of Pyramid Peak
April Showers bring May flowers ... and we give you the wildflower seeds for FREE !    

The first 75 orders through this newsletter - for any goFAST product - our vendor,  Naked Bee Products -  as part of Operation Pollination,  - will include a free wildflower seed pack.   Tweet a photo of yourself planting them  ( #operationpollination ) for a chance to win prizes from Naked Bee

Hands dry after planting ? No problem - the first 75 orders  - will also include a free sample of Naked Bee Hand and Body Lotion.  We know you will come back for more - its that good.

Don't delay -- this offer is limited to the first 75 orders, that will happen fast.

Quick Links to New Products:  Trek Pole Set, Naked Bee Products, Key Chain Magnifier, Credit Card Knife, USB Rechargeable Lighter, Small Folding Knife, Double Cobra Weave Belts, and Clip Light 2 pack.

Winner !    A 7 year subscriber to our newsletter was drawn this month  -
Steve C. of Colorado Springs, CO 
wins a FREE Stainless Steel Hunting Knife with Fire Starter.    Each month we draw a name from our subscribers.  Congratulations Steve !

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Trek Pole Set of 2 !

This is normally the price for just ONE.   We got a special deal - you get 2 adjustable trek poles for one low price.  Use both or share.  Make one or both into a survival staff with a hidden kit inside (see how at the web page)  




The Naked Bee

All the Good Stuff, None of the Bad -  See the product pages for the ingredients - natural and they work !   Very reasonable prices - Discovered at an industry trade show.  Staff has been buying and giving as gifts  - always a hit - and they smell amazing !   Choose from Hand & Body Lotion, Lip Balm or Hand Sanitizer.  



Credit Card Knife
Stores in a Credit card format.   Unfolds to a sharp metal knife with ABS handle.  Very Handy.    

    Under $2 each   

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