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TriStar Motors provides
certified DMV dealer education
throughout california

how to apply for a car dealer bond

every car dealer must
post & maintain an
active car dealer surety bond

the amount of the bond
depending on the
type and volume
of the dealership

retail car dealers must
maintain a bond of $ 50k
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car dealer school

retail motorcycle only dealers must
maintain a bond of $ 10k

wholesale only dealers
with volume of
24 sales per year or less must
maintain a bond of $ 10k

wholesale only dealers
with volume of
25 sales per year or more must
maintain a bond of $ 50k

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wholesale only dealers
holding an
auto-broker endorsement must
maintain a bond of $ 50k

vehicle verifiers must
maintain a bond of $ 5k

licensed dmv
registration services must
maintain a bond of $ 25k

free dmv renewal class if we can quote your
car dealer bond

If you are obtaining a
quote for your
car dealer bond
you must consider:

1) ownership structure
2) individual credit scores
3) deposit or co-signed bond

to get an idea of the cost
for dealer license applicants
with excellent credit scores
your 2011 car dealer bond
will ballpark in the area of::

5k vehicle verifier bond $ 168
10k wholesale only bond $ 350
10k motorcycle only bond $ 595
50k auto-broker bond $ 1288
50k wholesale only bond $ 1288
50k retail car dealer bond $ 1288

free dmv renewal class if we can quote your
car dealer insurance


If you are willing to:

1) post cash with the dmv
2) assign savings with the dmv
3) leave your cash or savings
in place for 3 years
after the close of business

you do not have to pay a
car dealer bond premium

posting of the
car dealer bond
provides a guarantee:

to the dmv for
non payment of
fees, penalties & asf's

to the board of equalization for
non payment of
sales & personal use tax

( secondary sales tax bonds
are sometimes required
by the board or equalization )

to any judge in the land

relax, we
really do have your car dealer bond quote

who deems the
car dealer in default
following any type of court action

the car dealer bond provider
will demand immediate payment
for any and all payouts on the
car dealer bond

the car dealer bond provider
will sometimes demand
a deposit or a cosigner
based on the
credit activity & history
( or lack of activity )
of the collection of owners
holding a single car dealer license
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the car dealer bond is not
used car dealer insurance

the car dealer bond is a guarantee
but not coverage for claims

used car dealer insurance is
coverage for claims
as outlined in each
car dealer policy

some dealers make presentation to
law enforcement
representing their

insurance requirements
with their car dealer bond

the legality of this use
of the car dealer bond
is a matter of dispute among
car dealer attorney experts

sourcing the car dealer bond provider
of any licensed car dealer
involves sourcing the
dmv car dealer database
and contacting the
dmv occupational licensing

sometimes a
dmv complaint form
is necessary to source the
car dealer bond
held by a licensed car dealer

car dealer bond tips
from our
car dealer blog


Accepting one or both quotes
from our sponsor qualifies you for this
free dmv continuing education class.

USPS postage fee of $ 5.55 will apply.
Express mail service for an add-on of $ 35.

no tricks
no gimmicks
no bullshit

this is an old fashioned
backdoor car deal
gina auto mom
molly makes dealer education simple for you

when you take our FREE dmv renewal class
you are shaking my hand
and agree to speak honestly
with our sponsor about your
used car dealer insurance
& / or
your used car dealer bond


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besides this
dmv renewal class

we also offer:

dealer pre licensing classes
dealer pre licensing online tutorial
continuing education in-person classes
continuing education home-study classes
car buyer bill of rights online tutorial
red flag rules online tutorial
red flag rules car dealer school
licensed salesperson online tutorial
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red flag car dealer school
Links to:
Red Flag Rules training
Car Buyer Bill of Rights training
& DMV Information Memos
DMV Car Buyer Bill of Rights Page

DMV Brochure

Free DMV Certified Online Car Buyer Bill of Rights Tutorial

Free Car Buyer Bill of Rights Signage

DMV Complaint Form INV-172

Free DMV Certified Online Red Flag Rules Tutorial

Free DMV Certified Dealer Education

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Red Flag Rules Newsletter

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We offer a program for red flag compliance we call our
red flag car dealer school.

Our red flag rules class costs $ 500. and we help you make red flag compliance before the deadline.

Our red flag rules program includes:

dealer ownership participation & certification

red flag compliance officer designation & certification

identity theft detection guidelines, quiz and program template

free online tutorial training for all staff

online red flag staff certification available for $ 40.

free quarterly training updates as mandated by the FTC

annual re-certification fee each december 31 for $ 200.

Once you are red flag certified we comp you your choice of : online, home-study and in-person dmv renewal classes.


California DMV requires a certified instructor to teach an in person class to every person wanting to become a car dealer.

We offer the dealer prelicensing class
with the only online tutorial in 36 california cities.

California DMV requires each dealer to take
dmv certified continuing education every two (2) years.

We have online tutorials at no charge for information on:

becoming a licensed salesperson

car buyer bill of rights provisions

red flag rules provisions

we make it simple for you
gina auto mom

The Car Buyer bill of rights law mandates that
all licensed california dealers offering a retail vehicle for sale
( with a price below $ 40k )
must offer each customer an option to buy out of the contract for full refund,
minus two allowable fees from the dealer,
an option fee and a restocking fee.

Option must be presented in writing
to each customer at each retail sale.

48 hours to decide and no less than 250 mile allowance.

Total of all dealer fees collected can never exceed $ 500.

We have red flag rules training for every licensed california car dealer assisting or offering financing to their customers.

Our red flag car dealer school is the only red flag rules training offered by certified dmv instructors.

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red flag rules goes live for every car dealer on 12-31-2010
red flag training is no joke

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