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Matching grants make the difference

Everything is better doubled, from Double Stuf Oreos to double rainbows. Do you want to double or even triple the next donation to HelpHOPELive in your honor? One of the benefits of fundraising with a 501(c)(3) nonprofit is that your supporters can participate in employer matching gift programs. That means donations to a HelpHOPELive campaign can be matched by an employer for greater reach and impact!

Many companies participate in matching gift programs. Some even match gifts made my spouses or retired employees. If you or someone you know would like to participate, make the next donation a matching gift with these steps: 
  1. Ask a company manager or HR representative about the matching gift opportunities available.
  2. Follow all procedures required by the company. Be sure to include that your gift to HelpHOPELive is "in honor of" a particular individual. Use his or her full name. 
  3. Submit employer-signed paperwork or a digital record to HelpHOPELive at
  4. Enjoy making twice the impact with your generous donation! 
Matching gifts are a unique benefit of working with a nonprofit. See additional reasons why nonprofit medical fundraising wins out over for-profit crowdfunding.


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Friends and family gathered to support Chelsea Rush, a pregnant 24-year-old woman who was paralyzed in an ATV accident.
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LA Times

Fluvanna Review

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Bill Soloway just celebrated his one-year transplant anniversary: "You have one life to live and eight lives to give!"
Transplant Announcements

17 HelpHOPELive clients received the  gift of life  in May and June 2016.  Congrats from all of us at HelpHOPELive!

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Fundraising doesn't have to end after transplant.  Learn how you can make fundraising work for you to help cover a lifetime of transplant-related out-of-pocket expenses.  

How Does Technology Impact You r Life?

We're featuring all things tech this July, from adapted power wheelchairs that let you pursue your favorite hobbies to LVADs that keep your heart beating before a transplant. 

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