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October, 2015 In This Issue:

In this issue, we will be discussing the topic of quarterly conference calls. For i-advize, the conference call is one of the building blocks of any successful IR program, and of the activities in which we exert a significant time and effort. Each quarter, i-advize dedicates 6-8 weeks preparing for this activity: from coordinating the date and timing of the calls, to preparing management speeches and finally, to the actual execution of the call. A number of steps that, if not performed correctly could result in disaster. We consider that the phone numbers to connect on the day of the call are just as important, if not more, as the numbers in the presentations! If the numbers are wrong by one digit, no one can connect!

But let i-advize's professionals handle those details. 
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Eletrobras Day
Oct 30, NYSE
Bradesco CEO Forum
Nov 19-20, NY
Vale Day
Dec 1,  NYSE

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i-advize IR Update
i-advize is pleased to launch its first ever quarterly newsletter, aimed at  discussing  topics of importance in the investor relations industry, specifically as it pertains to the Latin American market. As you know, i-advize is the only investor relations agency focused on this region and while the cultures and businesses may vary from country to country, Latin American companies share many of the same distinct features that make them so interesting to investors. For starters, issuers in this region are relatively new players in the market and the growth possibilities are  enormous . As such, the experiences of large, long-established international issuers can assist our
clients navigate any challenging situations they may face in their day-to-day activity.

The i-advize IR Update will discuss these situations with you every quarter, bringing you articles of interest, recently-published reports, tips on how to perform the IR function better as well as creative solutions to IR challenges based on case studies.

Since 3Q15 reporting is around the corner, in this quarter's newsletter, we will review our  top recommendations for making your Quarterly Earnings Conference Call even more successful.  We will also be analyzing the crisis that Volkswagen is currently in the midst of in our Volkswagen's Crisis Communications Case Study . Hope you enjoy!
Top 10 Tips for a Successful Quarterly Conference Call

i-advize currently assists clients in preparing for the quarterly calls, speech writing, presentations, translations and trouble shooting in order to ensure that each call is a complete success. Let us help you reach the next level in effective conference call events! Following are helpful tips compiled by our experts:

1 - Showcase Management - Hopefully your best speakers also happen to be the Chief Executive Officer and the Chief Financial Officer. These are the parties you want to showcase each quarter as they are the ones that the market most wishes to hear from. The CEO will focus on the company's strategy and outlook, any important recent developments as well as the industry landscape, just to name a few of the main key topics. The CFO shall review the financial highlights, focusing on the line items that most warrant discussion.

TIM Participações (TIM Brasil) - Investor Event in NYC
( NYSE: TSU, BR: TIMP3) -  September 15, 2015
TIM Participações held the 2015 edition of its Investor Day, with a breakfast for buy-side and sell-side market participants at Le Parker Meridien Hotel in New York City. The event featured presentations by and Q&A session with top management , including the company's Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Rodrigo Modesto de Abreu. Topics featured were: financial overview, strateg ic vision, recap of investments in infrastructure/4G coverage & innovation and improvement s in the customer experience.
That afternoon, TIM also rang The Closing Bell at the N YSE. This event is featured on the NYSE website.
TIM Participações is a leading telecommunications company in Brazil, headquartered in Rio de Janeiro, which offers mobile and fixed telephony, data transmission and Internet access at high speed services to over 93% of the urban population. 
Volkswagen's Crisis Communications Case Study 
In what is the latest scandal to shock the markets, on September 18 a story broke that would change the way investors looked at The Volkswagen Group (XETRA: VOW3) forever.  The largest carmaker in Europe had been deceiving investors, customers and more importantly, regulators regarding the toxic emission level of their vehicles.