iSpi - May 3, 2018

Friday, May 4
Piano Lessons, Parish Hall 2-5 pm
RE Sleepover, Parish Hall & Fogg Parlor 6:30 pm

Saturday, May 5
Scrapbookers, Parish Hall 11 am-11 pm

Sunday, May 6 - Music Sunday
Morning Service, Church School & Babycare 10 am
"Songs of Nature" - Antonin Dvorak
Coffee Hour, Parish Hall 11 am
All-Church Birthday Party, Parish Hall 11 am
Handbell Choir, Meetinghouse 11:30 am

Monday, May 7
Spire deadline – please send your articles to Hope
Men's Dinner at Jim Pickel's, 6:30 pm
AA, Parish Hall 8:30 pm

Tuesday, May 8
Tai Chi, Parish Hall 9:15 am
First Parish Knitters, Fogg Parlor 9:30 am
Ballroom Dancers, Parish Hall 6-8 pm

Wednesday, May 9
Order of Service announcement deadline 9 am
Community Dinner Setup, Parish Hall 10 am
Community Dinner, Parish Hall and Fogg Parlor 5 pm
Ballroom Dancers, Parish Hall 7-9 pm

Thursday, May 10
Choir Rehearsal, Skylight Room 7:30 pm

Friday, May 11
Piano Lessons, Parish Hall 2-5 pm

Saturday, May 12
Climate Change Movie & Potluck, Parish Hall 6 pm


In the Concert Hall through May 11:
"New Works" by Karen McEachern Cass
Opening reception Friday, May 4 6-8 pm

For more information on the James Library, please call 781-659-7100 or click here.

The All-Church Birthday Party will be held on Sunday, May 6. Come celebrate all our birthdays with cupcakes to decorate, a birthday circle and dancing in the Parish Hall, after church during Coffee Hour.  

Our next Men's Dinner is Monday, May 7. Jim Pickel will host (31 Dogwood Drive, Plymouth). Join us at 6 pm for appetizers and dinner about 6:30. Please let Jim know if you're coming and what you're bringing.

Attention, committee chairs... remember, the deadline to submit your annual report to Hope is Friday, May 11. If your report is nor submitted on time, you will be responsible for printing and distributing it yourself.

A Movie Night is being organized by the Climate Change CHALICE Group. Join us on Saturday, May 12 with a showing of “Before the Flood”, a National Geographic documentary film featuring Leonardo DiCaprio. We will start with a pot-luck supper at 6 pm with tables set up to provide ecology-related crafts for children of all ages. We will begin the 96 minute movie after the supper around 7 pm, and there will be time for discussion following the movie. Please contact Bernie Gardner with any questions.

Yes, you CAN see our church's Facebook page even if you are not a Facebook member! However, we apologize that the info you have been previously given is not entirely true. On the church's website, expertly maintained by Debi Meddaugh, click on the small white “f” at the top of each page in the yellow banner. You can get to our website by clicking on the bright yellow "visit our website" button above. Or, when reading the iSpi, click the small blue “f” at the bottom of the newsletter to get to our Facebook page. 

If anyone has seen a large yellow birdhouse or a green garden cart (previously stored in our carriage shed), please contact the Church Office.

FPN is seeking a new Treasurer! With Marta Reese’s upcoming retirement, we are searching for a church member who can assume the Treasurer position beginning July 1 for a proposed 3-year term (certainly renewable, with no term limits imposed). The Treasurer will need to be comfortable with numbers and accounting principles, as well as supervising our Assistant Treasurer and working with our internal auditor. A stipend for the Treasurer position is in place. To view the job description, please see the job responsibilities posted outside the Parish Hall or click here. Do you know of a church member candidate for Treasurer? Are you interested yourself? If so, please contact our Chair of the Nominating Committee, Bob Neely.
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