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You know that feeling of exhilaration, embodiment, peace, and pure presence you get when you practice your conscious, somatic movement arts at the studio? Well, what if you could access that sensation all the time...anywhere? YOU CAN!  There is a principle in the Nia training that teaches us Nia's system of practicing Awareness, paying attention to the sensations of our bodies, and using that information to choose pleasure, mend pain, and amplify LIFE!

It all starts with sensation...noticing the sensations of your body...then assessing, is this sensation pleasurable? or painful?  Naturally, if it is pleasurable, keep on keepin' ON!  But if it is discomfort you are sensing, move your body organically...activate your joints...or get down on the floor and get up again a few times...and notice if the stimulation of movement makes you feel better!  In Nia, we call "healing", little acts that result in "Feeling Better".  Even if the improvement is only a small fraction, we say that healing IS happening!  

The heightened sensation that is felt moving in a Nia class is A-MAZING! It's the sensation of, "I'm IN here! ...I'm IN my body!"  Well, this too, can be an experience that is not limited to your time in the studio!  It is something that can be sensed all the time!  The simple act of noticing body sensations as you engage in every day life activities can be the very same sensation that you felt while practicing Nia on the dance floor....suddenly, walking the dogs feels like a dance!  Washing the dishes, a meditation! Setting the table, a work of art!  Life comes alive with sensation, relaxation, and inspiration!  

"Awareness" is a state that can be practiced all the time...anywhere...whether you are on the dance floor, on the mat, sitting in your office chair, or driving in your car...all you have to do is sense! 

Want to develop tools for amplifying your life? Join me for my upcoming training at Dallas' MoveStudio for 2 weekends.  -
Jule Aguirre  , Nia 1st Degree Black Belt Somatic Educator and Trainer. Join Jule's Nia Moving to Heal on Sat at 9:05a and Nia on Mon, Wed & Fri at 9:45a, Tues & Thurs at 6p & Sat at 10:20a. Upcoming Nia White Belt Intensive2 weekend training 2/23-26 & 3/3-5!

Compliment and facilitate healing of body, mind and emotions, and experience 'Movement as Medicine' in Nia Moving to Heal,
on Saturdays at 9:05a. Nia Moving to Heal teaches people to listen to the voice of the body - sensation. Sensation is a tool for self-healing. For over 35 years Nia has been helping people to use movement to feel better in their body, and helping people with short and long term illness benefit by using movement as part of their prescription for healing, whether it be cancer, chronic pain, anxiety/depression, Parkinson's, brain injuries, eating disorders, etc, use Moving to Heal to step in to your body's healing potential!

Jackie, Chad & the staff at MoveStudio
Upcoming Events              

with Tifany Henderson
Saturday 2/18, 2:30-4:30p 
Restorative yoga allows for relaxation and rejuvenation of the mind and body.
When supported properly with blankets, blocks and props, the mind and body are able to reset and renew, reducing tension and increasing energy.

with Angela Alston
6 Tuesdays, 7:30-8:30p

Discover your innate strength and capacity to learn. Examine and change your habitual and often limiting patterns of moving.

You'll learn to organize your physical self to move with greater ease and effectiveness, improving coordination, range of motion, and balance. 

Kaethe Pilates 
with Tida Chambers 
  6 Saturdays, 2/18-3/25,
6 Tuesdays, 2/21-3/28,

with Teresa Hendrickson
6 Saturdays, 3/18-4/29 (skip 4/15), 12:10p-1:10p
Receive valuable alignment and technique corrections and adjustments in each class.
Learn more about Yoga Basics and Pilates Mat  Basics.

with Tamra Henna

Basics: 6 Mon, 7:30-8:30p, 3/6-4/10

Odyssey: 6 Mon, 8:35-9:35p 3/6-4/10

Develop strength, grace, and fluidity while you explore this beautiful art form! Learn basic bellydance postures, movements, steps, and combinations along with a short choreography.


  find out more  


with Tifany Henderson
Saturday 2/25, 2:30-4:30p 

Hips, calves and shoulders, oh my!

When you leave this workshop, you will be able to walk freer with relaxed hips, calves, neck and shoulders! The tension will have melted away with the use of just a few props!

with Andy McDonald & Niko Kochi
  Friday, 3/3, 7:30-9p

Treat yourself to an evening of deep relaxation.

Practicing mindful yoga and breathing to open your body and mind.Then transition seamlessly from yoga into an extended lying-down sound relaxation/meditation accompanied by ancient Tibetan Bowls.

Schedule Notes
Have you tried these new classes yet?
Mondays 7:30p POUND Rockout Workout with Nicole Borowski
T uesdays 5p U-Jam Fitness with Emily Peace
NEW on the February schedule:
Mondays 6:20p  Zensual Flow
Tuesdays & Thursdays 11:15a ChogaFlow (on January schedule: Tues & Thurs at 12:30p)
Saturdays 12:40p BollyX
Pilates Mat on Thursdays 6p will now be taught by Cheryl Esch
Raise the Barre: Ballet workout on Sundays 1p will now be taught by Cheryl Esch

The most current class schedule is always available on our website. Be sure to check it frequently for class cancellations, instructor substitutions and other changes not included on printed schedules.
Take your practice to the next level. Want customized, one-on-one workouts? Personal training is offered by many of our wonderful instructors.

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