From the grinding sounds of a backhoe plowing out the site for solar panels to the steady sound of Leme's voice taking first-year students through Biblical  Geography, there is a joyful noise at Emmaus today.

In January, our annual Academic Convocation service (image above) hemmed 30 Haitian men and women from throughout Haiti into the EBS community, dedicating them to a life of holiness, to the study of God's Word, to Christian community and to the spreading the Gospel they are learning.

In February, the Emmaus Board joined us on campus for annual meetings, prayer, vision-casting and accountability, and also were a part of the ordination service of president Matthew Ayars.  The president of One Mission Society and his wife joined us for that special day as well!

Also in February, Emmaus led it's first "Emmaus Sunday" in which staff and students came together to lead a local church in worship, prayer and study of God's W ord.  Over 20 members of Emmaus were involved, and it was a blessing both to the crowded church and to EBS.

In March, two major  campus  projects were completed: a long-awaited basketball court next to the men's dorm, and a long-needed new computer system for the computer lab, complete with 30 desktop monitors! 

Add in daily classes, a new discipleship program that involves staff and students going out daily to share the Gospel and start discipling new believers, evangelical outreach programs over Easter break, starting the huge project of powering the campus through solar energy...there is just a lot going on at Emmaus!

That means we need your continued mighty help, 
and we need your continued mighty prayers.

Pray for continued wisdom and guidance for EBS leadership.  Pray for continued protection and guidance for EBS staff and students ministering NOW throughout Haiti.  Pray for continued wisdom and clarity for our professors.  Pray for continued provision and protection for pending projects.

Most, pray that God might strengthen the hands of Emmaus, protecting the EBS community from the temptations to divide, despair or desist that fatigue, frustration, change and difficulty can bring! Pray that Emmaus might take courage, be strong, perseverant and faithful, as HE provides and guides.

You can find pictures and updates of all of these events and projects on  the EBS Website or through Facebook and you can  get involved at  

THANK YOU for all of the support, prayers, giving and going that makes what is happening RIGHT NOW at Emmaus possible!

As we work together to empower leaders for His change in Haiti--discipling into a Biblical worldview--it is by God's power, grace and faithfulness...and standing on your help and prayers!

Blessed with a Burden,

Stacey Ayars

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