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winter 2014

cultivating space within for life to expand and fulfill


Hi, (Contact First Name) 


I hope this letter finds you happy, healthy, at peace and looking forward to the 2014 abundance on its way to you.  May you use that gift from the Universe to cultivate compassionate action in your community and in your life.


Sorry for the long hiatus in newsletter writing.  Re-launching my practice here proved pretty all-consuming.  It is now well underway and I am breathing more spaciously again.


Earlier this year, when I closed my yoga studio in Montpelier, Virginia to relocate to Castle Rock, Colorado I promised my Virginia students

 I would look into the possibility of offering my classes online in the hope of helping them maintain a regular yoga practice in an area that offers them few yoga options.  Well, it took me a while but it is now done! 

 Welcome to Cultivate Harmony Yog

a's online studio at!


There are nine videos out there now and I have developed a pretty good rhythm recording one practice per week (the holidays an exception), so content should grow fast and stay fresh.  The classes are organized into types:  beginner/gentle, restorative, basic multi-level hatha, and anatomical focus, all delivered within a Phoenix Rising-style introspective space.  Powhow does offer live class possibilities, but in my experience (and regardless of platform) unless both sides (mine and yours) are on very high-speed internet connections delivery can be choppy and distracting.  So for now I'll stick with pre-recorded videos.  My currently active students will receive free access to this home practice tool, all others will be charged a minimal fee to keep it sustainable.  (If you are an active student, contact me for your discount code.)  It is my hope that these tools will provide you all with the inspiration and practical tools you need to continue and expand your yoga practice.  It is also my intention to change the world one practicing student at a time.  I do hope you will join me in this intention.


I have to admit the initial prospect of creating an online class presence was pretty daunting.  It was an area I had no prior experience in, but I did know it was possible and very do-able as a low-budget operation given the tools available on the internet.  Still, since I was also re-launching my practice in a new location I knew my biggest hurdle would be time - to research my options, to teach and record yet another class each week (my 7th!), add editing and posting time, and, well, it all seemed like too much to take on.  But now as I integrate the experience, that is, take time to notice and learn from it, I recognize that what it took to make it happen wasn't a matter of gritting my teeth and putting my nose to the grindstone.  On the contrary, what made it happen was opening up space for it in my life. 


Many of us struggle with too many priorities beating on us for our attention.  Often as a result we are unable to allot adequate attention to any one of them and we usually put ourselves at the bottom of the priority pile at great detriment to our spirit, happiness and (often) health.  So what's the secret to achieving goals as we enter into a new year with new opportunities for change?  I suggest:  space.


A couple of additions to Murphy's Law that I'm certain he would have included had it occurred to him:  1) life will fill up with whatever comes at us regardless of its importance to us, and 2) we can only cram so many minutes into 24 hours.  So bouncing through life like a pinball responding to someone else's triggers with limited awareness of what's important to us is a sure way to get nowhere and be exhausted when we arrive.


I seem to do my best, that is, accomplish more of what is important to me and my life, when I make it a regular habit to sit quietly, cultivate awareness of what's happening in my life, reflect on it without judgment, and notice what bubbles up from deep inside me to help guide my next steps.  It is no coincidence that this process is the heart of Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy, the modality that I practice in my professional and personal life.  I do because it works.


As I sat quietly during the chaos of re-launching my studio and practice here, I let myself process the online class possibilities until the path of action found it's way to me.  I played with some of the platform options, learned the technology of effectively recording, editing, and uploading classes, and asked some dedicated students to join me in playing with and feeding back on the results as they evolved and improved.  My skills and competence at delivering online classes matured.  Then one day my teacher and mentor Michael Lee, founder of Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy (and a fellow tinkerer on the Internet platform options) informed me that he was contracting with the founder of to offer its online class functionality to our community at a generously discounted rate.  There.  I formed the intention, created space for it to unfold, and voila!, the solution fell into my lap.  I love it when that happens.


Intention + space = change.  And not just any change, but change that aligns with what's true for us deep inside.  The right change for us arises from within not from outside us.  Sometimes the change is small, seemingly insignificant.  But consider the possibility that many small, seemingly insignificant changes may accumulate into what turns out to transform our life over time.  


I am pretty excited about this new online endeavor.  The potential is endless!  I already attracted one follower and made my first sale before I even finished loading and organizing my videos!


I hope you will check it out.  As always, any and all constructive feedback is welcome.  Let me know your suggestions and desires in a home practice and I will do my best to fulfill them.  And I would be very grateful if you were to forward this newsletter to a friend.


Much love and best wishes for a healthy, peaceful, prosperous new year filled with abundance and joy, hopefully to include a regular yoga practice.



~ bev


bev johnson, PRYT RYT500

director, cultivate harmony yoga


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what's happening now...
~ still space in yoga classes!
~ now offering Phoenix Rising for couples!
~ what is phoenix rising yoga therapy, anyway?
~ coming soon: yoga for cancer patients!
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need help with that new year's resolution?
space still available in most yoga classes!
in the meadows of 
castle rock, colorado
(5107 Gould Cir, rear entrance)
Visit our class schedule here, our class descriptions here, or contact bev for more information
Classes are now also available at our online studio!
Contact bev about private lessons and private yoga therapy.

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now offering!

Phoenix Rising provides a way through yoga-like experiences to learn more about ourselves in relationship.  It shines the light of awareness on relationship experience, leading to conversations about the awareness to provide clarity, and opening the door to the possibility of acceptance and change, if change is what is needed.  This approach helps to cultivate presence to each other in relationship, deepening connection, improving communication, depth and perspective, the very things most relationships in our overwork-stimulated culture want and need.  Unlike traditional talk therapy approaches to fixing relationships, Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy's focus is on enhancing and deepening relationships that are not broken.


 contact bev for more information

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what is phoenix rising yoga, anyway?
pryt session 
click on the photo above to watch a short video  
for more information on phoenix rising yoga, visit


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coming soon:  yoga for cancer patients!
I am part of a 3-day oncology training seminar at Red Rocks 
Center in
January to
learn the special considerations for teaching yoga to cancer patients.  I am very excited to use my skills to  support the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing of this population.  If you know of a person or group who may benefit from such a service, please contact bev.


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curious about mindfulness meditation?
"...mindfulness is not a special state that you achieve through a trick or technique.  It is a way of being...  If people just learn how to be
 in the present through simple mindfulness meditation, then the practice does the work of transformation and healing."  
~ Jon Kabat-Zinn,
Feb 2014


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looking for a new years resolution?
You can both dramatically improve your health and weight while at the same time save lives of the animals we share our earth with by becoming a practicing vegan!  Consider the possbility of trying it, if even for one week or one day each week (e.g., "Meatless Mondays").  A simple google search will reveal many resources to help you learn what vegan means and how to do it.   Here is just one of them.  I have been a practicing vegan now since September and I highly recommend it!  Better yet, I challenge you.  ;)  If that's not enough, check out one or more of the many compelling documentaries, like Food Inc. and Forks Over Knives.  That should do the trick.

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about cultivate harmony yoga


bev johnson is a yoga alliance registered advanced yoga instructor and is certified in phoenix rising yoga therapy as a practitioner, yoga teacher and group facilitator.  she is owner, director, teacher and practitioner at cultivate harmony yoga in the meadows of castle rock, colorado, where she helps her clients and students find relief from suffering of stress and stress-related conditions through yoga and mindfulness practices.  bev co-facilitates phoenix rising workshops in venues throughout the u.s. with phoenix rising founder, michael lee.  she has bachelors and masters degrees in business and 25 years of corporate experience managing people, processes, communications, results... and stress. 


contact bev about helping you discover inner peace and harmony in your life through yoga!

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bev johnson, RYT500 PRYT

cultivate harmony yoga



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