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Hello Friends!


I bet you all thought that this was going to be just one more fundraising email in the onslaught that you are receiving today from every candidate and politician across the country.


Well, I thought I would do something different and share with you something I DID.  Last week, I was asked to give the keynote at a forum and talk about women speaking out for social justice, pay equity and immigration.  The crowd was awesome and energizing, and I want to thank everyone who was there to do their part in raising our voices for social justice.


I called my talk "One More Time".  Here is an excerpt:


What is the key thing that makes the difference between success or failure?  It is that you get up one time more than you are knocked down. If you do not meet your goal the first four times in a row, the first five times in a row, or the first six times in a row, the only thing you must do is get up one more time than you are knocked down.


The only failure is quitting. Because those are the wise words from my mother who said, "Pain is only temporary, but quitting is forever."  


You can see the video at:






Going forward in this campaign, I will ask you stand up with me One More Time, and One More Time again for hardworking people.  I will ask you to fight with me One More Time for a government that actually works for the people and not the other way around. 


My pledge to you is that I will be there, standing up for you and with you One More Time and longer and stronger than anybody else.   


Thank you so much for your support,




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