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welcome to february skillet nation...we're one month closer in the pnw to blue skies and warm weather...


while we wait - and find sunshine of the liquid kind - we'd like to introduce you to josh batway...
bartender extraordinaire...you'll find him at the diner developing new drinks, mixing the perfect cocktail and generally making people happy...
josh - on the left - with fellow skillet bartender jesse martinez


Hometown: Tacoma, WA


Role: Skillet Bar Manager; Started as a bartender in May 2011, two weeks before the diner opened


How you got here? It's ironic because a lot of bartenders I know started bartending to get through college. I went to college (Western Washington University) and got a BA in Business Administration so I could be a more successful restaurant professional.


Favorite thing about your job: I love learning about old cocktails and creating new ones. Skillet is very driven by creativity yet classically inspired. It's a great fit for me. We also have a great crew and a lot of fun there.


What's your favorite drink? As far as classics go I love a good gin and tonic or a well-made mint julep. It's a little archaic but here is a recipe from Jerry Thomas' Bar-Tenders Guide (published in 1862):


Whiskey Julep (Use large bar-glass.) Take 1 table-spoonful of white pulverized sugar. 2� table-spoonfuls of water, mix well with spoon. 1� wine-glass  full of whiskey. Take three or four sprigs of fresh mint, and press them well in the sugar and water, until the flavor of the mint is extracted; add the whiskey, and fill the glass with fine shaved ice, then draw out the sprigs of mint and insert them in the ice with the stems downward, so that the leaves will be above, in the shape of a bouquet.


What do you do on your off day? Embarrassingly, I like to spend my free time learning and reading about bartending/mixology history and trends (the information is limitless!). More importantly I like to spend time with my girlfriend/partner Sara and our wild animal of a dog Opal (she's a boxer). I also love a good TV series.


Any ridiculous/funny bartending stories? Before I started bartending I was a bouncer at some busy places in college. Ridiculousness was bountiful in those days.


How often to people try to get free drinks? Weirdly no one ever tries to get free drinks from me.


Cheers Skillet Nation! Hope to see you at the bar soon....Josh B.

street food

at the truck...


- we're out in our usual locations this month...check the schedule on the right for addresses...


 - the airstream is going offline this week for some major renovations and a "face-lift" so no fox this tues or mcgraw thurs...we'll be out with skillet2 (and it's inured wing) in pioneer square and bellevue...


next week we're back to regular schedule - and excited to showcase our supped up airstream at INNW with the seattle chamber..


- we're launching the new catering menu (with things like fried corn on the cob, skillet vegetarian spring rolls, roasted heirloom carrots with caraway and soy vinaigrette, grilled canteloupe wedge salad with proscuitto, bleu cheese, watercress and champagne mustard vin) soon so watch for details...


- finally - a big welcome to our new catering chef David VanGelder -- a super awesome and talented guy - we're excited ot have him on board...you will be too.



diner + counter


- seattle center launches 'seattle's best damn happy hour' this month...every third thursday..come find us at skillet: counter 2/21



- the diner's feb menu features some sweet new creations...here are just a few to get you hungry:


pan seared sockeye salmon "amandine"

- orzo pasta, smoked almond compound butter, herb shallot vinaigrette, lemon, fried parsley..17
tuesday dinner special: swedish meatballs

- fresh hand-made black pepper pappardelle, seasonal mushrooms, creamy beef sauce, fried brussel sprout leaves..14


bacon jam  


- My Foodie Valentine...for v day, a savory Linzer Cookie recipe with a twist: blue cheese and bacon jam...check it here...thanks for the love Bree Coven Brown...




- don't forget we deliver now..let us make you look good at your next party or work event...get skillet delivered for parties of 4 all the way to 100...check out the options on our website...www.skilletstreetfood.com


- connect with our skillet catering team for any size shinding in 2013...check out the menu and other info here..  







street food
february locations


-watch for new locations


-fox's gem shop
1341 5th ave

-pioneer square - 505 1st ave south

(no fox week 1)



-watch for next week
-mcgraw square, 531 stewart street
-bellevue, 600 106th ave ne
(no mcgraw week 1)
-mcgraw square, 531 stewart street 
-watch for update


-watch for update


maps at


street food menu__ideas

the burger, bacon jam, arugula, bleu, brioche

the basic, american, fancy sauce, shredded lettuce,

poutine, handcut fries, gravy cheddar parm, herbs

check out new menu items on the left in the street food section