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Michie   ,     

Most of us make New Year's resolutions with hopes that this year will be the year that things are different.  But, somehow, most of us don't reach the goals we set out for year after year.  Why is that? 
Something I longed for most of my life but couldn't seem to accomplish was weight loss or "being skinny".  Through Yoga Nidra, I finally dug into why I wasn't achieving this goal, and I started asking "what about losing weight was I really after?"  I realized what I was really hoping to accomplish as an end result of losing weight. I wanted overall good health and self-confidence. Then, I realized it wasn't me who wanted to be skinny but what I thought society wanted out of me
Yoga Nidra brings awareness to your heart's true desire. Acknowledging what you want and finding the right way to say it are two steps in the process, but there are other steps to make your intentions truly effective.  Yoga Nidra helps you achieve what you set out for, bringing you among the minority that achieve their resolutions.
-forward by Michie Gutierrez. Join Michie's Yoga Nidra workshop on Friday, 3/24, 7p or drop-in classes: Deep Stretch Yoga on Thursdays at 7:20p, Yoga on Saturday at 10:10a, Zumba on Tuesdays at 7:20p.
Induce complete physical, mental and emotional relaxation through Yoga Nidra on Friday, 3/24 at 7p. During the yogic nap, one appears to be asleep but the consciousness is functioning at a deeper level of awareness. Effortlessly relax, reduce stress and increase your happiness.
Re-fresh your desires and re-set your intentions in Yoga Bliss on Sunday 3/19, 2:30p with Cindy Caperton. Explore the deeper side bends and twists. Feel relaxed, refreshed, rebalanced and in tune with what you desire to cultivate for yourself this Spring.
Take care,
Jackie, Chad & the staff at MoveStudio

Upcoming Events              
Happy Healthy Fit    
with Tifany Henderson

4 Thurs, 7:20-8:20p starting 4/6
4 Fri, 10:45-11:45a starting 4/7

Learn simple, step-by-step strategies that you can easily implement to help you:


-Lose weight & get in shape 

-Feel more energized & avoid the afternoon slump

-Fuel your body without feeling deprived


find out more


Fun - Motivation

Inspiration - Support! 

Kaethe Pilates
6 Sat 12:10-1:10p, starts 4/1

4 Tues, 7:05-8p, starts 3/28
  4 Wed, 7-7:55p starts 3/29
4 Sat, 11:10-12:05p starts 4/1

Improve flexibility and increase strength in your core! Learn breathwork, core stabilization, mind-body focus, proper alignment and technique and much more! Classes are small, so individual attention is guaranteed.  

with Angela Alston 
6 Tues, 7:30-8:30p, starts 4/4
Bring awareness to how you use your hip joints, and their relationship to the rest of your skeleton.

If you'd like to develop more freedom in your pelvis, you'll benefit from this series. Small, slow movements can lead to big improvements in range and ease of motion.

Schedule Notes

The most current class schedule is always available on our website. Be sure to check it frequently for class cancellations, instructor substitutions and other changes not included on printed schedules.

Take your practice to the next level. Want customized, one-on-one workouts? Personal training is offered by many of our wonderful instructors.

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YOGIC NAP on Friday, 3/24, 7p   
$10 off registration!
Are you constantly feeling tired, lethargic, like you just can't finish your to do lists?
Do you often set goals and intentions but never achieve them?
Love savasana but feel it's never long enough in yoga class?
This workshop may be exactly what you need. Find out more
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