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Make your way to a Nia Moving to Heal class, and you never know what new mind-body healing tools you will walk away with!  Recently, I introduced a technique called, "The Eraser", where students were invited to reflect on the words and thoughts that run through their mind that limit their potential.   All of the...
  • I can'ts
  • my body won'ts
  • my body used to be able to's
As if these words were written in chalk on a chalkboard, we imagined an eraser, and began to erase our minds clean, emptying our minds of the limiting messages, replacing them with positive words of hope, healing, and potential. 
In Nia, we call this clearing of the mind, "Beginner's Mind".  A state where we operate from the place of knowing nothing, present and clear in the now, experiencing everything, as if for the first time.
Feel free to try it now! Go ahead, and start erasing all of those limiting thoughts that hold you back from actualizing your healing and set your SELF free with 'beginner's mind'!
-forward written by Jule Aguirre, Nia 1st Degree Black Belt Somatic Educator and Trainer. Join Jule's Nia Moving to Heal on Sat at 9:05a and Nia on Mon, Wed & Fri at 9:45a, Tues & Thurs at 6p & Sat at 10:20a. Upcoming Nia White Belt Intensive with Jule starts 11/5!

Here's what two students had to say about their experience with The Eraser technique:
"In a recent Saturday morning Nia Moving To Heal class, Jule shared the focus of THE ERASER. We used the image of the eraser to symbolically erase distractions, negative self-talk, and wipe away anxiety or depression to create a clean slate and space in our minds so that we could be present and heal. I now use this technique every day which has helped me so very much." -Lara L.
"Walking into a recent Nia Moving To Heal class, I felt burdened by the heaviness of the self-doubt and self-recrimination that had arisen for me the night before. "Why can't I get this? What's wrong with me? When will I learn?" echoed in my mind. The process of learning new interpersonal skills isn't always easy for me. I had come to the Moving To Heal class a reluctant student, hoping I would find some relief from this negative thought loop, yet fearing I would not. My teacher met me that day with an invitation to move into beginner's mind. Part of this invitation was a guided imagery/meditation that involved imagining all of the thoughts and beliefs held in my mind and taking an eraser and erasing each one in order to empty the mind. As I allowed myself to do this, I gradually felt the downward pull ease and was able to glimpse the space of possibility I enter when I let go of all I think I know. I carried this image as I danced that day, me and my beginner's mind forging an alliance that is still with me. What a difference the eraser made! What a difference this practice makes! Nia is helping me to heal from the inside out and I am so grateful!" -Teresa M.

Lift your spirt and use nature's stress buster in Laughter Yoga tomorrow on Saturday, 9/17 at noon. Preregistration is highly suggested for this drop-in/community class.

Gain valuable tools and support during the 30-Day Sugar Freedom Detox that starts this Sunday 9/18 at 2p. Be part of this supportive small group and join the 30-Day Sugar Freedom Detox.
Yoga Bliss Sundays are back! Explore the body with massage ball work and gentle yoga- Shoulders & Side Seams on 9/18 and Hips, Inner & Outer Leg on 9/25. Save your spot!
Jackie, Chad and the staff at MoveStudio

Featured Events              
with Angela Alston
6 Tuesdays, 7:30-8:30p, 9/20-10/25

Discover yourself from head to toe! Awareness Through Movement® (ATM®) offers a unique, profound way to examine and change your habitual and often limiting patterns of moving. In this series, we'll investigate function of your feet, hip joints, orientation of head and neck, and more.

You'll learn to organize your physical self to move with greater ease and effectiveness, improving co-ordination, range of motion, and balance.
with Angela Alston
Saturday, 10/8, 2:30-5:30p
Join us to investigate the roots of strength and core ability.

Useful for anyone who'd like to refine their movement choices or expand self-knowledge.

You'll get tools to re-discover:
* skeletal support
* your connection with the ground
* how your breath can support movement

Pioneered by Israeli scientist and martial artist Moshe Feldenkrais, the Feldenkrais Method offers a unique, profound way to examine and change your habitual and often limiting ways of moving. 
Tifany Intro Meditation
with Tifany Henderson and Steve Koziatek

Saturday, 9/17, 2:15-3:45p

Learn the most basic techniques for meditation to reduce stress and gain a more focused and calm mind.

You will learn:
*Proper Posture
*Sitting & Walking Meditation
*Techniques to Develop Focus
*Solutions for the Wandering Mind
*Benefits of Meditation
*Basic Practice for Home  

with Bobby Garcia
Saturday 9/24, 2:15p-3:45p

Discover through Tai Chi:
· Improved breathing, circulation, coordination, and focus
· A path to optimum health, balance, strength, and deep sense of serenity
· Increased pain relief and improved quality of life in people of all ages

"Tai chi is often described as "meditation in motion," but it might well be called "medication in motion." There is growing evidence that this mind-body practice, which originated in China as a martial art, has value in treating or preventing many health problems. And you can get started even if you aren't in top shape or the best of health."

Tai Chi is also offered as a weekly drop-in class on Wednesdays at 10:45a-11:45a.
Schedule Notes
NEW! U-Jam Fitness on Wednesdays 4:15-5:15p
September Schedule
Gentle Yoga on Mondays, 11a-noon with Chantal Itzhakov
Viniyoga on Wednesdays, 11a-noon with Tammy Owens Slauson
Gentle Yoga Flow on Thurdays, 10:45a-noon with Tida Chambers

The most current class schedule is always available on our website. Be sure to check it frequently for class cancellations, instructor substitutions and other changes not included on printed schedules.
Take your practice to the next level. Want customized, one-on-one workouts? Personal training is offered by many of our wonderful instructors.

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