Issue No. 197 | June 4, 2020
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Weekly Reading
Take the time to read this Chinese translation of Obama’s article " How to Make this Moment the Turning Point for Real Change ," published June 1.

This article is a thoughtful piece to help us think about the bigger issues in the U.S. and China on this day of remembrance of June 4, 1989, and also as a reflection on the current challenges here at home.
俗语 from Xi Jinping's Speeches

Meaning : In a spurt of energy; done in one vigorous effort

Original : "要一鼓作气、连续作战,以更加有力的举措、更加精细的工作,确保脱贫攻坚任务全面完成。"

Source : 《求是》杂志发表习近平总书记重要文章 《关于全面建成小康社会补短板问题》 May 31, 2020
If you have the occasion to use Chinese to speak to your family, friends, tutors or colleagues about the ongoing protests, here are 3 Instagram posts sharing lists of useful Mandarin Chinese terminology:

  • "Important Chinese terms to know when addressing anti blackness" @s_zhu
  • "Chinese terminology for addressing anti-Blackness" @michellinman
  • "Useful Mandarin Translations for Addressing Anti-Blackness" @amandalhan
To Watch
CCTV’s 新闻联播 has devoted significant airtime to the U.S. protests.

According to POLITICO's China Watcher : "the broadcast on May 30  called the unrest  'payback for American politicians' who were trying to 'pass the buck' to China. (More literally, 甩锅  shuai guo , or 'throw the pot,' internet slang so widespread it’s now being used on China’s most staid programming.)"

Watch the 2-minute broadcast here .
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