West Main News

June 23, 2020


NIGHT OF WORSHIP here in Artesia, NM on July 24th, 2020 @ 7 pm. The location is the blacktop parking lot next door to sonic on Main Street! EVERYONE IS WELCOME!

Financial Report

Monthly General Budget $43,500.75
June 2020 General Giving to Date $31,306.11

Building Loan Monthly Payment $3,000.00
June 2020 Building Fund Giving to Date $2,183.00

West Main Students

Summer 2020 Schedule

June 24th - BBQ at MLK
Don't need to bring anything just have fun.

July 5-10 Galveston Summer Camp
Yes!!! We are having summer camp!

July 13th - Bottomless Lakes Trip
Bring $40 for Panda and to rent boards if you would like

July 17th - Camping Trip
Need to bring snacks, sleeping bag, tent, basically whatever you need to camp.

July 22nd - BBQ at MLK
Don't need to bring anything - just have fun

July 24th - Worship Night
Don't need to bring anything. We will be joining our church and others around us in a night of worship and games in the parking lot!

July 29th - Back To School Lubbock Trip
Need to bring $60 for two meals, Bahama Bucks. To end the trip we are going to head to the mall! If y'all wanna get your school shopping done then bring money to get what you would like.

July 31st
To close out the summer - Camping Trip! Camping in a cabin and going to White Sands. Bring snacks, sleds, things for camping and money for one meal.

Main Kids

Summer 2020

June 25th 2-5pm Drive In Movie

July 2 10am-2pm Runyan Ranch & Picnic

July 5 10am - Be the Church Day

July 7 - Pizza & Bowling (?)

July 9, 16, 23, 30, Aug 6 - MK Day Camp, 9am-1pm

July 14 Altitude Trampoline Park, Lubbock, completed 2nd - completed 5th grades.

July 24 - Night of Worship

July 28 - Splash & Pay Day (Pre K - completed 1st grades)

August 13 - First Day of School (Maybe)

Please remember life happens so events and times are subjected to change. GET THE APP to be in the know!

Deacon of the Week
June 21-27
Benny Griffin

Volunteer Schedule



Donna Fulwider 6/23
Olga Miranda 6/24
Jared Robinson 6/24
Yesenia Flores 6/25
Randell Crouch 6/26
Kathy Howard 6/27
Adrianna Martinez 6/27
Jessica White 6/27
Otis Yates 6/27
Larado Hammer 6/28
Leigh Ann Thomas 6/28
Kason Hamilton 7/1
Mariah Reza 7/2
Holly Blackwell 7/6

Prayer Needs:
Kenneth Mapp - health
Tate Branch - health
Sabrina - health
Cathy Fletcher - health
Clay Alexander - health
Bobbie Merchant - health

Children Activities
Youth trips, camp
Racial tension and unrest
Our Leaders
Pray for the sick and elderly
Pray for our health care workers
Pray for jobs
Pray for hurting people
Pray for our world
Artesia Police Dept.
Mission Artesia

Continue to Pray
Doug Ratliff
David Terpening
Padilla Famly
Hellekson Family
Wayne Denny
Virgil Alford
Lucas Heady
Stephen Joyce
Pat Henry
Lee Blevins
Glendall Smith
Bobbie Kerbo
Sherrie Followill
Mike Crouch
Justin Coker
Pat Hull
Don Mayberry
Kaylie Duran
Carolyn Robinson
Johnny Ellis
Jean Ellis
Oliver Swaringen
Bonnie Knight
John Knight
Ima Dale Reynolds
Larry Dade
Beth Dade
Janet Arnold
Joy Ellis
James Mann
Law Enforcement & Families
Our Military
Our Country

WM Staff
Jason Kraft - Pastor

Amanda Martin - Children's Pastor

Keith Kilpatrick - Associate Pastor

Heather Lieb - Counselor

Mike Spencer - Worship Pastor

Ann Brady - Financial Secretary

Rilla Matthews - Admin Assistant

MONDAY - THURSDAY (575)746-3258