Do your pets 'love or hate' the holidays?

Maybe, but 'it depends'.

It depends for me too. I like some aspects of the holidays, but as I get older my idea of a great holiday has changed.

  • I used to like crowds. One other person is just fine now.
  • I used to like going to the mall and shopping for gifts. Online shopping is 'fantastic' now.
  • I used to like cooking special dishes. Harris Teeter, Publix and Fresh Market make wonderful to go meals.
  • I used to like going to parties. Now I like a warm fire, a good book and Netflix.

But maybe Fido and Fluffy aren't as 'fuddy duddy' as I am. 😛

One thing I still like is Christmas music. My pets do to!

We hope you and your pet family have the 'best kind of holiday' you each desire. And lots of beautiful music!
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