Issue No. 203 | Sep. 3, 2020
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The article is a dialogue between Hu Shuli (胡舒立), founder and publisher of Caixin Media, and Tsinghua University Economics Professor Qian Yingyi (钱颖一), in which they discuss China's reform and opening up. Originally released in 2010, their discussion still has strong significance today and has recently been making the rounds again on WeChat.

俗语 from Xi Jinping's Speeches
kè zhōu qiú jiàn

Meaning: lit. a notch on the side of a boat to locate a sword dropped overboard (idiom); fig. an action made pointless by changed circumstances

Original: "我们通过守正创新形成了中国特色社会主义理论体系,守正就不能偏离马克思主义、社会主义,但不是刻舟求剑,还要往前发展、与时俱进,否则就是僵化的、陈旧的、过时的。"

Source: August 31, 2020 article by Xi Jinping on improving education in political philosophy
Originally aired January 13-14, 2020, this two-part Frontline documentary "America's Great Divide/ 《美国大分裂》" is now available to watch online with Chinese subtitles.

Part one covers:
1. 美国在种族、文化、政治三方面分歧加剧
2. 唐纳德·特朗普强势崛起
3. 巴拉克·奥巴马的豪言壮语破灭 

Part two covers:
1. 特朗普团队如何利用了国家分歧
2. 特朗普如何在任期内释放分歧双方的愤怒
3. 美国的两极分化对国家未来意味着什么
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