In our 30th year...

 Thank You


We at Designmaster Furniture would like to thank you for your business this year. We are committed to helping you grow your business by providing you with the largest selection of the most comfortable, fashion forward, upholstered dining chairs and dining stools in the marketplace.  It is our desire to be one of your most valued vendors.  We look forward to growing our businesses together.  Your continued support is appreciated.


In order to be as "green" as possible, we are continuing to email our price lists.   In this email, you will find your Wholesale and Suggested Retail price lists, as well as your grade changes and drops.

 NEW PRICE LIST - Effective January 1, 2019

Please note that the Suggested Retail price list will also be available on our website,, after January 1, 2019.


 CHANGES you need to know....

Price Increase:  
Unfortunately costs for us continue to rise.  Raw materials, labor, and health insurance costs have gone up beyond what we can absorb and continue to stay financially healthy.  To cover these increases, we increased our dining chair and dining stool prices an average of 3.9%. 
Those dining chair and dining stool styles requiring a cost increase greater than 3.9% are: 
Carlyle Studio Chair         Denmark Studio Chair          Meridian Chairs
Bergen Studio Chair         Danbury Chairs                    Geneva Chairs
Ellington Chairs                Destin Chairs                        Allendale Chairs  
Richfield Chairs and Barstools              Hartwick Chairs and Barstools        
Fabric/Leather Grade Changes:   
Due to price increases received by our fabric vendors, the following fabrics have changed grades:
 1683-20 H to J              1683-85 H to J           1765-85 G to H          1772-85 E to F  
   1799-85 C to D           1801-65 D to E           1801-80 D to E         1816-85 F to G

    1818-20 - G to H          1818-60 - G to H      1818-70 - G to H      1830-90 E to F

      1831-20 F to G        1834-60 - E to F       1836-10 - B to C         1836-85 B to C

 1847-10 - E to F          1847-20 - E to F         1847-40 - E to F         1847-85 - E to F

1849-20 - D to E           1851-20 - C to D         1851-65 - C to D        1851-85 - C to D

   1870-85 - F to G     9037-80 - L3 to L4    9037-90 - L3 to L4
Dropped Products:   
The following items are being dropped from our line at this time.  Please remove these fabrics from Designmaster swatch sets:
                                      F 1573-85                D 1787-85
The following dining stools are being dropped from our line at this time.  Please notate these drops in your Designmaster catalog:
     Metropolis 03-592-30           Salisbury 03-594-30                 Miami 03-596-30
             Bar Height                            Bar Height                               Bar Height
    (03-592-24 counter height     (03-594-24 counter height        (03-596-24 counter height
      still available)                         still available)                           still available)


Beth Sturdivant

Designmaster Furniture