More awesome mandalas by Danmala here .

Happy Valentine's Day! I hope you're having a great one. If not - reach out and do something kind for someone else - that will help get you out of your stuff and back into the saddle of love. Generosity is the key.

I have a couple fun things for you. An awesome video (Start there!); a neat book recommendation; and a big kiss! Happy Valentine's Day and may your heart be full of love today and every day - it's really up to you. And, I love you just the way you are!

Love, Albert
Amazing video by Nina Paley - If you've got to believe in something, why not believe in her. Connected to my new organization crush: Emily's List
The Revenge of Analog is one of the Best books I've read in awhile - it helped me make the simple decision to take all social media off my phone - which has led to a sharp decline in my use of social media overall. More walks + more people + more analog = good for my heart, mind, soul and body. You can get it online - though I highly recommend purchasing at a bookstore or your library. You'll understand why if you take that route and read the book.