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本周六(2/23), 中文学校1:30正常开始。



1.家长会:由于第三节文化课较多,学校计划分两周召开家长会。 2月23号3:30PM 家长会在本教室进行,3月2号家长会地点下周通知:
  • 2月23号: 学前班,拼音班,1年级,4年级和 CSL1-5.
  • 3月 2号: 2-3年级,5-9年级和AP班。 

2.教师培训与招聘: 上周六,有30位中文老师参加了教师业务培训交流会。 腾孟凝老师主讲,交流了教学设计与课前准备的经验。 请看 滕老师演讲PPT: 教学设计-做好课前准备

南部分校常年招募中文老师和文化老师。学校提供多种形式的培训与福利, 欢迎热爱中文教育,有责任心,有爱心的人士加盟! 有意者请发简历到 hiring@hxsouth.org ,并与教务长龚蝉(中文老师)或者副校长汤海缨(文化老师)联系。

3.华夏辩论赛: 今年的华夏总校南区辩论赛将于 5 4 日在南部分校举行。欢迎4-9年级同学报名。 从2月23号起,每周第三节课在 A103教室培训。详情请与廖山漫老师或者本班中文老师联系。

A 4-6 年级应该限制孩子每天的手机使用时间 VS 不限制手机使用时间
B 7-9 年级:华裔选中文做外语利大于弊 VS 弊大于利

4.华夏园地征文 侨报华夏园地《小语世界》南部第二期征稿,重点选用1-5年级,包括CSL 班学生作品。 截稿时间:2019年3月2日。

欢迎低年级同学(一,二年级,和CSL 1-3年级)以图画配文字的形式,至少三个完整的句子,如果是图文,请孩子用手写汉字,但必须是写和画在同一张A4白纸上。 其他年级同学请用电子版送到廖山漫的邮箱:hxschineseschool@gmail.com并注明标题:XXX 班级, XXX 名字。

5. 家长值班安排: 作为非营利组织,华夏南部中文学校依靠家庭义务值班来维持学校的教学秩序,节约办学成本,为家庭参与学校管理提供机会。

本周领班:曲威, 孙晓玲

今后几周值班安排, 请查看附件或者 学校网页

感谢你们的参与和支持! 我们周六见!


Dear Teachers, Students, and Parents,

This Saturday(2/23), the school will begin at 1:30PM as usual.

1.Teacher Parent Meeting: Due to the large number of cultural classes in the third section and the lack of empty classrooms, the school plans to hold parent meetings in two weeks:
  • Feb 23 3:30PM:Preschool, Pinyin class, 1st grade, 4th grade and CSL1-5.
  • Mar 2 3:30PM: Grade 2-3, 5-9 and AP classes

2.Teacher Conference and Recruitment: About 30 Chinese teachers attended last Saturday's teacher conference. Ms. Mengying Teng share her experience about class design and preparation.

Huaxia South recruits Chinese teachers and cultural teachers all year round, especially teachers with bilingual teaching experience. The school offers a variety of training and benefits. If you are interested, please send resumes to hiring@hxsouth.org and contact Diana Gong.

3.Debate Competition: 2019 Huaxia Southern District Debate Competition will be held on May 4th at Huaxia South. All 4-9 grade students are welcome to join. The training will be held every week at 3:30PM at classroom A103, starting from February 23rd. For details, please contact Ms. Shanman Liao .

4.The Overseas Chinese Newspaper Qiao Bao calls for articles. The second phase will focus on the selection of 1-5 grade students' works, including CSL students' work. The deadline is March 2, 2019. For more information, please contact your Chinese teacher or Ms. Liao Shanman at hxschineseschool@gmail.com.

5.Parent Duty: Huaxia South is a non-profit organization. All school general members are required to participate in family duty, which is also a good chance for parents to get involved in school management.

PTA sends out emails notifying each week's on-duty families on Monday. Please respond by Wednesday.

Please check following link for future duty assignment:

With warm regards,

Wei Zhao
Principal, Huaxia South Chinese School