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本周六(3/16), 中文学校1:30正常开始。

请家长们协助孩子培养起准时上课的好习惯, 务必在上课开始前到达教室。也请学生们尽量不要在教室内吃零食喝饮料。

1.校历调整:高中的春季音乐会从原定的4月6号改到3月30号,学校校历也做了相应调整: 3月30号放假,4月6号上课。 原定3/30值班的家长相应改为4月6号值班。这是今后几周学校安排:

  • 3/16 Open
  • 3/23 Close Snow day makeup
  • 3/30 Close Spring Musical
  •  4/6 Open
  • 4/13 Open

2.课程注册: 除少数几门名额已满的课程,所有春季课程都继续 接受网上注册


时间: 4/6/2019 周六 1:40-3:40pm
内容: 跟朋友们探索家庭对孩子的深切影响,并通过实例分享,通过体验性的学习,展示如何梳理自己的内心,温暖地接纳自己,接纳孩子,了解自己和孩子的感受与需求,真正做到爱与管教兼顾

4.华夏辩论赛:今年的华夏总校南区辩论赛将于 54日在南部分校举行。 现在每周第三节课在 A102教室培训。详情请与廖山漫老师联系。

5.家长值班:本周领班:罗洪 邓晓菁

今后几周值班安排, 请查看附件或者 学校网页。 原定3/30值班的家长相应改为4月6号值班。


感谢你们的参与和支持! 我们周六见!


Dear Teachers, Students, and Parents,

This Saturday(3/16), the school will begin at 1:30PM as usual.

Please help your children develop a good habit of attending classes on time. Be sure to arrive at the classroom before the class begins. Also ask students to avoid eating in the classroom.

1.Calendar Change: High school spring musical has been moved from 4/6/2019 to 3/30/2019. So we adjust school calendar accordingly.

  • 3/16 Open
  • 3/23 Close Snow day makeup
  • 3/30 Close Spring Musical
  •  4/6 Open
  • 4/13 Open

2.Spring Class Registration: We are still accepting registration for spring semester.

If you have not registered, please do not enter the instruction area without special permissions from school or teacher.

3.Seminar Announcement: Love and Discipline - PCE Family Education Panel
Time: 4/6/2019 Saturday 1:40-3:40pm
Location: High School cafeteria

4.Debate Competition: 2019 Huaxia Southern District Debate Competition will be held on May 4th at Huaxia South. The training will be held every week at 3:30PM at classroom A102. For details, please contact dean Shanman Liao.

5.Parent Duty: Please check following link for future duty assignment:

PTA sends out emails notifying each week's on-duty families on Monday. Please respond by Wednesday.

On your duty day, please sign in 15 minutes before class starts and sign out 10 minutes after third class. Please stay on duty during this period to ensure a quiet and secure education environment for the children.
With warm regards,

Wei Zhao
Principal, Huaxia South Chinese School