June is National Pride Month and Old Mill Center is honored to provide support to kids and families in the LGBTQ+ community! 
Old Mill Center is built around the simple idea that every child in our community deserves a fair and equal chance at a great start in life. But LGBTQ+ youth are at significant risk of experiencing hardships many of us can’t even imagine. From a high likelihood of experiencing homelessness, to attempted suicide, discrimination, and even violence, LGBTQ+ youth are some of our community’s most vulnerable children.  
Old Mill Center is committed to creating a safe and affirming place for all through continuous efforts to provide, and improve, programming for LGBTQ+ kids and their families. 

We build resiliency and acceptance through youth-voice led queer peer groups and break down barriers for young teens needing support. To better care for transgender clients, we increase understanding and acceptance through a dedicated investment in ongoing staff training and work to create a community-wide safety net by collaborating with other organizations that support and empower LGBTQ+ youth.
We are proud to be part of a community that values and respects LGBTQ+ youth and we are honored to provide support to kids and families.  
This month, we are kicking off our new Intersection Parent Connection β€“ a monthly group that gives parents the opportunity to connect with other parents of youth in the Queer Community. Join us to learn, ask questions, and get support from other parents and caregivers like you!

Middle school students are always welcome to join Intersection Connection. It’s our peer queer group for teens looking to make friends, learn skills, and discuss topics that matter to them. 
Learn more and support the critical services provided by Old Mill Center by visiting our website today.